22 February 2010

Back From The Fray...

I'm back...sort of. Thank you all for your comments on my AWOL post. To clarify, last week wasn't so much about taking time offline to watch the Winter Olympics (although that was part of it) but more about reallocating time so that I could make it through an extremely hectic week without feeling overwhelmed and hiding in a closet (which was rather tempting). It was my own fault - I arranged for too much to occur in one week and I sort of imploded. I'm feeling slightly calmer now, although rather exhausted - I wish I could have a weekend when I didn't actually have anything on and could just...vegetate instead of running around like a headless chicken (a common pass time for me) completing chores.

This week is looking slightly better, but dance class has started so for two days per week I will probably be offline. (I only have until June to learn the entire syllabus for Advanced II and I'm worried...OK, petrified! Par for the course then :)

Plus, I ending up spending 4 hours at the AA (Automobile Association not Alcoholics Anonymous) on Saturday rather than the 1.5 hours I had originally budgeted as the brakes on my 14-year-old car needed replacing. On the positive side (one of my grandmother's always used to tell me to look for the silver lining) I was able to watch the men's downhill competition (Winter Olympics) while I waited and finish Corambis (Sarah Monette). I've now entered the glum phase...the one when you finish a book/series you've been completely in love with and now everything looks...grey and flat. Or is that just me? Review of Corambis to follow... Hmmmm. I'm not the only one who has wished that an author would keep writing a series, am I? Just one more Doctrine of Labyrinths book Ms Monette please...who I am kidding, I want more than one. Ten is a nice round number, isn't it *grin* (And I mean ten more books not ten in total :)


  1. Glad things are looking a little less crazed for this week!

    Well, I do sometimes wish for more books in a particularly beloved series... and then I look at Anita Blake and am pleased that the author stopped while he or she was ahead. ;)

  2. I'm so glad you've settled, Orannia. I'm also following the Olympics.

    I'm always conflicted at the end of a great series. There's a great sense of completion, but there's also the wish that it would continue. But, I re-read a lot, so those series I just love will be read again and again.

  3. I always want that extra book. I just can't help it. I love the series so much that I want to know what's happening in their lives later down the road. My favorite is when they write stories about their children so you still get to see your favorites, but get a whole new cast too :o)

  4. Chris - thank you. And LOL! Yes, sometimes a series can just become so stretched there is no content! Saying that, I have the latest two Anita Blake books on my TBR...I guess I just want a conclusion... What are my chances do you think?

    Hilcia - than you :) And I have a feeling I will be rereading the Doctrine of Labyrinths over and over again. I have them all in hardback and am thinking of purchasing them in MMP format *grin* A fan? Who? Me?

    LeeAnn - me too! And yes, I do like it when you revisit previous characters. Nalini Singh does that very well in the Psy-Changeling series IMO.

  5. Orannia - Well, you can dream. But I think that woman's going to milk the cash cow until it croaks. :)

  6. Definitely what Chris said.

    Though that doesn't stop me from wanting more Lord Peter Wimsey novels... :sigh:

  7. I wish the Vampires Diaries would go on forever... OH WAIT they are. :P

    I wish I was taking a dance class! How brave of you, Orannia. I can't dance for anything.

  8. Hang in there, kiddo!
    And Yay! for dance class!
    I love watching as much as the Olympics as I can, too. It's such a great thing, isn't it?

  9. Chris - ROFLOL! I have to agree!

    azteclady - LOL! Lord Peter Wimsey?

    heidenkind - The Vampire Diaries I haven't heard of. I've obviously led a very sheltered life :) WRT the dancing - I don't know about brave. Mad...definitely :)

  10. Thank you Christine. Dance class is fun - I've always loved to dance. This is my last year with this syllabus (I'm not going to sit my Solo Seal exam), and so I'm thinking of trying a new form of dance next year...one I've been wanting to try since I was little!