24 February 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I looked at my library hold list over the weekend, which is the largest of my three TBR lists (I have my library hold list [online] and two print lists - one for books I want to place holds on, once they are listed on the library's catalogue, and one for books that are listed on the catalogue as 'Available' and thus I can't place a hold on them (evil system)] and almost fainted. I remember someone (Christine?) challenging me at the end of last year to surpass 100 holds. As of today I am now at 114 books! This is not good. Why? Because there are so many good books on my TBR list languishing unread. And the list keeps growing... So I've decided to be ruthless. *cue dramatic music*

I'm sure we've all read posts in which a blogger has said goodbye to a particular author - I've even written a letter to a book when we decided to part ways. But, apart from that one instance, I've never really taken such a step so...overtly. Normally DNF books and I just drift apart. But...the next book in a particular series is appearing on the horizon that is my TBR list and...I don't care. I don't want to read about the trials and tribulations of the female character.While I enjoy the world building, the book is always about this main character. EVERYTHING happens because of or about her to a greater or lesser degree. Honestly, any normal person would have experienced a breakdown considering the stress the author has put her through, but she keeps on keeping on. Oh, and she's getting more powerful. Honestly, my favourite characters are all secondary characters, particular one, who is the third in the love triangle that is not. And...how many times can the world almost end in this series? Because...it's getting...I dunno...boring! How about we change it up a little - have someone enslave the world or destroy the world for some other reason! So, I reached a decision over the weekend. It's goodbye to this series. *shock horror* I know that many, many people love these books but...not me...not any more. Actually, I'm surprised it has taken me so long to reach this decision because, as my best friend, the lovely Starfire, said on the weekend 'Haven't you not enjoyed these books for a while?' And the answer to that would be yes.

At that point I decided to read a review of this book - I want to know what happens, just not enough to read the book. So, I found a review and read. And then the dithering started. You see, I live in a world (of my own making, yes) in which I live in complete and abject fear of making the wrong decision. Oh, there seems to be a lot about my favourite character in this review...maybe he's in a lot of the book... Maybe I should read it? And that's when the lovely Starfire came to the rescue. This book (and yes I'm deliberately not mentioning the name :) is on her TBR list and she will be reading it at some point this year. The lovely Starfire has very kindly promised to read the book and inform me if my favourite character makes a number of appearances in the book and thus be something I might consider reading. Don't you just love friends that do that? (((Starfire))) So, the book is GONE from my TBR list. PHEW! *wipes brow* Only 113 books to go!

So, do you find breaking up with a series difficult? Are you ever tempted to go back?

Edited to add: I was thinking of confessing the name of the book/series if anyone asked, but after reading a post by the lovely Carolyn Crane from The Thrillionth Page I thought I would join said evil and pernicious new trend and answer only yes or no to any questions asked by you about the title of the book...

Edited again to add: It has been deduced that the book/series is urban fantasy. I thought I would provide a clue. The female character that drives me bat-f*ck crazy is called Jo...


  1. LOL. Nooooooooo! What is the series???? *shakes fist!*

    Is it the In Death series? or, Kushiel?

  2. Yeah, my vote is for Anita Blake as well.

    Sometimes, you just have to let it go. I did that with a few series last year, and the relief is wonderful.

  3. For me the economy was a huge determiner of who I continued reading and who to drop.

    I'm so curious about the book you're discussing... need to investigate :)

  4. CJ - I'm sorry...well, a little sorry :) I just couldn't resist. And to answer your questions, no and no. (I haven't actually picked up Kushiel's Dart yet - it's my book for the Big Book Challenge :)

    *looks at Chris* *shakes head* Nope, not Anita Blake...although I am rather tempted :)

    Kerry - nope, not Anita. I should have mentioned in the post, feel free to ask me any question about the series, whether it be genre or author...but I'm only going to answer yes or no *grin* *thinks* You know, maybe I should consider breaking up with Anita...and Merry...

    Mariana - I'm lucky, I borrow the majority of books (I would say over 90%) from my local library. Placing a hold on a library book costs NZ$1, which is a lot better than the NZ$20-25 I would pay for a MMP. I've ordered a book recently though, as my lovely best friend gave me a book voucher for Christmas. Now if my family would just work out I want book vouchers the world would be a better place *grin* Good luck with the investigating!

  5. Placing a hold costs money?! *blink blink*

    Hmm. Not sure what else - I gave up on the Rachel Morgan series because I got pissed off about a certain character dying...

    Isn't it the middle of the night where you are?!??

  6. You have to PAY to put a book on hold? Damn. I'm so cheap I probably wouldn't do that, but constantly check the book's status on the online book catalog, then race over there as soon as it was in! LOL! Yet I'd pay twice that amount for a cup of coffee on my way over to pick up the book. What's up with that?

    Hmm.. I haven't the slightest clue. Urban fantasy or straight fantasy?

  7. Chris - YUP. NZ$1 for handling and transportation :) So having 114 books on my library hold list sounds like it will cost a lot...but better than NZ$25 to buy each book. And no, it's not the middle of the night. ATM it's ~12.45 PM. We're 18 hours ahead of EST and Montreal, 21 hours ahead of PST and Vancouver if that helps.

    Hardcover or paperback?

    No and yes (if that makes sense :)

    Christine - there are over 10 library branches that make up the system I am part of. So it's either driving around the city to the various library (and I'd have to ring them to confirm it is actually 'Available') or paying NZ$1 for the library to send it to my local branch. They are very efficient.

    Urban fantasy or straight fantasy?

    Ah, yes, and no :)

  8. Ah, yeah. That would be a lot of running around. ;)

    I'm going to guess Rachel Vincent's Shifter series, although I don't recall you ever mentioning that you read that series.

  9. I have trouble caring about ANY series lately, to be honest. It's just too much of a commitment.

  10. Christine - yes it would (be a lot of running around). Auckland is about the size of London (I think), but there aren't as many people. Ah, no, not Rachel Vincent's Shifter series. I have provided a clue though (as I realised last night it was a bit mean not too).

    heidenkind - I'm kind of with you on that. It just seems like so much of a commitment, and time is one think I can never seem to find.

  11. If you had asked me three years ago, I would have said that breaking up with an author or series was nigh impossible for me. Now, after looking at the always growing TBR mountain range, it's pretty easy.

    There are only so many reading hours in my day, after all (and let's not even go into the $$$$ factor)

  12. azteclady - I agree. Someone very wise (Kerry) once said to me (and I'm paraphrasing) that there are too many good books in the world to waste time reading books that you're not enjoying. I agree. And no, let's not touch the monetary cost :)