26 February 2010


The lovely Kerry from Saving My Sanity emailed me yesterday to inform me that the sixth Mercy Thompson book (anticipated publication date: Spring 2011) is to be entitled River Marked. (Thank you Kerry!) And that got me to thinking about what, if anything, the title might mean. The fifth book, Silver Borne, has me thinking werewolves, while River Marked has me thinking of the crook...and the fae. How far off do you think I am? Anyway, all of this led me to the thought that Spring 2011 seems so far away, although, the publication of Silver Borne is on the horizon. And that in turn led me to the realization that, even though I'm all but drowning in books, I'm craving one particular book...

Is it always this way? We crave that which we don't have? Is it greed (one more precious book for the hoard) or is it anticipation? It's not like we have to go out and hunt down our prey any more, so is this hunting instinct reinventing itself in a modern world? I don't know the answer, but I am curious as to what you think. Do you finish a book and automatically crave the next one or do you finish a book, know a sequel will be forthcoming at some point in the future and move on to another book?

Edited to add: I discovered today - thank you oh lovely Kristen from Fantasy Cafe - that the first chapter of Silver Borne is available online.


  1. Oh, I finish a book and then go online and find out when the next one is coming!!! It kills me to wait! Now I do have plenty of series that do this to me so I usually have a book to look forward to in the near future, but waiting for individual books for a year at a time is torture! :)

    Mercy Thompson is one of my absolute favorite series. I hear River Marked has some kind of action in the Amazon (I think) :)

  2. It depends on the book. :) Of course, I've been good at acquiring those next books, but not so good at reading them lately. *looks out of corner of eye at teetering stack on the couch*

  3. I usually don't want to read the books in a series one after the other. I know, I'm weird. But unless I'm REALLY into series, I like to have a little breathing time. LJ Smith's series and the Twilight series are the only ones I can remember reading one after the other and being obsessed with what was going to happen next.

    Am I going to get slapped if I say I'm meh about the Mercy Thompson series? *hides* I haven't even looked at the fourth book yet, let alone read it, and to be honest I don't have much desire to. I do think Briggs is an awesome, kick-ass writer, but I liked her earlier books a lot more.

  4. I'm with Mandi... I'm all about craving the next installment. I've pretty much stalk the websites for any info: excerpts, freebies, whatever...

  5. Mandi - I do the same. And when I hear about a book (e.g. River Marked) I always want to read it *grin* It's like a Pavlov response. (I almost wrote Pavlova...oh dear I need to sleep!) And thank you for the info on River Marked. Interesting!

    *hands Chris stabilizers for teetering stack* I do that. I can be all ago for something, add it to the TBR list and then get sidetracked by something else. I'm so fickle :)

    heidenkind - that makes sense. I definitely have to be really enjoying a series for the 'I wants it' response to kick in. And no slapping here. In my last post I admitted to breaking up with a series because as the series progressed I became less enamoured with it :)

    Mariana - ditto :) Usually it fades, but initially it's rather intense. Like a crush I guess *grin*

  6. I'm usually the most impatient for the next release in a series for several weeks after finishing the latest... but it wears off soon enough and then my interest gets renewed again as the release day approaches. I used to be anxious to get books ON their release day. Now I find myself buying them weeks after they've been out already.