04 February 2010

Why I Love Josh

Yes, I will admit it. I'm in love. With Josh Lanyon. His books are...a dream to read. Completely effortless and amusing (which I will admit to not expecting [the amusing, not the effortless - after all the rave reviews I was expecting the books to be good] as I would classify the Adrian English series as suspense and from where I sit suspense and humour don't quite fit *grin* But feel free to dissuade me of this notion).

I love Adrian's self-deprecating humour. As for Jake... I'm sorry Kris (I hope this doesn't mean I am going to be sent to Coventry?), but ATM I like Jake. I do think he is trying to force himself to be other than what he is, but I'm guessing (hoping) that eventually he will work out that what he is is actually OK. Saying that, I am (slightly...OK, completely) worried about how he will get from A to B and whether collateral damage (to Adrian) might occur along the way.

*SIGH* I love it when a book/series just clicks so well *grin* So, have you read any/all of Josh Lanyon's Adrian English books and, if so, please let me know if they get better (not sure if that's possible). If you haven't read them, are you tempted?


  1. Raises hand for the haven't read them but very tempted option.

  2. I spent SO much time while reading that series (both times, even) angsting about Adrien. I have to confess that my view on Jake changed from similar to yours to more similar to Kris' after my reread and then reading the final book.

    I think the very best suspense has some humour in it! Otherwise it can get to be a hard slog, can't it?

  3. :( There is still hope for you, young Grasshopper... as evidenced by Chris. LOL.

    In all seriousness, though, I'm glad that you're enjoying this series. It's always terrific to discover a set of books or an author that you really like.

  4. I just love Josh Lanyon's work as well. I've read a huge portion of his books and I haven't been disappointed once.

    As for Jake - yes he has issues but how can you not like him anyway?

  5. Kristen - they are very good IMO. I love books that simply...flow.

    Chris - Adrian is just lovely. And yes, I do worry about him. Interesting that your view on Jake changed. *wonders what happens in the third book* And I agree, suspense can be a hard slog without the lighter moments :)

    Kris - LOL! You never know, I may be the fickle sort *grin* And yes, discovering an author that works for you is fantastic. I get almost the same feeling reading Josh Lanyon as I do reading Sarah Monette, which I guess tells you how much I love Josh :)

    Tracy - oh, a huge backlist? *rubs hands with glee* ATM I do like Jake. Yes, he's a mess, but I understand where he's coming from. I'm just worried his actions may hurt Adrian... I'm so not going to be able to resist the third book am I?

  6. Each book gets better in the series, and it's not only the writing but also the character development. By the last book Jake and Adrien have so much history (together and apart) that it's hard not to feel strongly (one way or another) about both of them.

    By The Dark Tide, Jake has a line that just SLAYS me every time I think about it.

    Ah, yes . . . the 3rd book . . . :-P

    I'm actually really curious to see what your reaction will be to some of the events, knowing the little I do about your reading tastes. OK. 'Nuff said about that. ::zipping lips::

  7. Yay!!

    I found book two to be the weakest..just sayin.

    And you are right - they are effortless (at least for us ;)

    I wonder if the line that slays Renee is the same line for me....

    Amazing series. So glad you are reading them! :)

  8. Glad you love JL! He's a fantastic writer... and I too am a Jake fan :) They're both flawed and I become gooo during the final book. I've read Kris' thoughts on Jake, but I still think he's good.

    And the series does get better!

  9. Renee - I just love me some character development :) Am very curious about the third book now. I might have to wait a bit though. Unfortunately, there's a downside to the iPhone - my wrists are weak from previous bouts of RSI, so I need to take a break (and find a better way to read in bed :) Maybe a week...I'm going to barter with the physiotherapist *grin*

    Mandi - LOL! Can't wait to discover this line you are Renee are referring too :)

    Mariana - definitely. I also want to read Strange Fortune. Fantasty + m/m = happy orannia :) And flawed characters are all good in my world!

  10. There are all sorts of iphone stands out there, including some you can make yourself - I definitely recommend something like that for reading (in or out of bed). I have a bookstand that I use for my ereader and for paper books and it really saves the wrists.

  11. I now have all 5 books on my TBR! When... oh when will I start it? *sigh* 2008? That's when I decided to read this series... lol, talk about procrastinating... 2010 is definitely going to be the Adrien English year for me. :) It has become a goal!

  12. Yay, Orannia! I'm so glad you're liking Lanyon's books. I believe I did mention they were funny at some point... but you're right, one wouldn't think the humor and suspense in the Adrien English books would go together, but they do.

    And I'm totally crushing on Josh Lanyon now, too. :)

  13. Chris - thank you! I might have to look into that. The physiotherapist wasn't surprised, but the overwhelming comment I'm receiving is 'But I thought your wrists were fine'. Fine, yes; strong, obviously not!

    Hilcia - You go girl! I look forward to hearing what you think. They are fast reads, and very good IMHO *grin*

    heidenkind - thank you! Yes, I do remember you mentioning they were funny, but I guess I just couldn't see how...now I can :) we can crush on Josh together!