12 March 2010


Late last November I updated you all on my progress towards a more healthy me. I'm still on the healthy eating plan and this afternoon I visited the nutritionist to see if I had reached the goal of 57.5 kg (126.5 lb) I had set myself last year.... I fell 0.7 kg (~1.5 lb) short *sad* On the bright side (because my maternal grandmother always told me to look for a silver lining), I have lost a total of 15.6 kg (34.3 lb) in *counts* 7 1/2 months. So, not too bad. I have one month until I see the nutritionist again; one month to lose 0.7 kg (as while the nutritionist is happy for me to reach my goal weight, she doesn't want me to get any lighter, which I'm fine with). I'm so not aiming to be a size zero. So, the battle of Coca Cola (because that's my vice and I've been overindulging in the last month :) is on again! However, my best friend - the amazing Starfire from Songs and Spinnings - and I are going to meet for lunch and a movie (Mao's Last Dancer) tomorrow, so I may indulge again, just because it's been a while since we've caught up...

And in case you're wondering why I originally included a photo of the utterly gorgeous Jessica Alba in this post, well...that particular photo of Jessica is on my bedroom wall. I kind of consider it my inspiration. I know, I'll never look like Jessica Alba (even though we are the same height), but...she's pretty. And, to borrow a phrase from the lovely Kati of Katidom, she's my plus one *grin*

So, I'm curious...what's your vice and...do you have a plus one?


  1. I'm soooo happy for you! I admire your efforts greatly :)

    Pepsi... I've told myself to stop drinking soda, but it's just tooo difficult.

    I'm pretty bad at maintaining a healthy diet. Whenever I set a goal for losing weight, its when I start eating more junk; one of these days o_o

  2. You GO girl! I'm so pleased for you! It's a terrific feeling when you set a goal and then meet it, isn't it?

    My vice? OMG, so many. Sweets. Fried food. Carbs. Bourbon + Diet w/lime.

    My plus one? I'm loyal, it's still Angie. :wink:

  3. Ok, only being 1.5 lbs off from your goal? Is amazing!! Congrats!

    I have lots of vices. :) The main ones that threaten my weight are dark chocolate and gluten-free beer.

  4. Oh wow you did great. 1.5 is not bad at all. And I say you kook great already.

    My vices include soda, extra spicy and fried, oily foods. And I have no plus one.


  5. Sorry, I meant look not kook. Ugh iPhone and my fat fingers don't go well together.

  6. What's my vice? Tons of things. My doc told me I couldn't eat anymore chocolate, soda, tea, coffee, anything spicy, and anything high in calories--which pretty much describes my entire diet. :P

    I have no idea what a plus one is.

  7. Mariana - thank you! The first three weeks I went cold turkey - that was SO hard! The nutritionist told me once it's about moderation - if you deny yourself everything you'll end up splurging. It's also hard going into winter...I'm going to have to watch that.

    Thank you Kati! And yes, it's great to meet a goal. Or almost meet it, in this case :) Fried food. I'm getting takeaways for myself as a treat at the end of this month. Fish & Chips, Indian or Chinese...decision, decisions :)

    Chris - thank you! See, I don't understand the appeal of dark chocolate. Milk chocolate, yes. I have a friend who loves dark chocolate. The higher the cocoa percentage the better in his opinion *grin*

    tabzyreads - thank you! Spicy food. I discovered Indian food when I lived in the UK. YUM! Not that I can have it that spicy :)

    heidenkind - your doctor told you that you couldn't eat...OMG! Is everything OK? I know Coca Cola aggravates my stomach (as does Nurofen :) if my stomach is empty. Adding acid to a stomach producing too much acid = bad idea. A 'plus one' is the person your significant other (SO) will allow you to cheat with. Did I get that right Kati? I don't have a SO, but if I did Jessica Alba would be my female plus one. Acutally, I don't believe in cheating, but...as I will never meet Jessica Alba... *grin*

  8. Mmm... dark chocolate. One little intense square'll get you there. Milk chocolate's never done it for me. Plus there's the whole lactose intolerance thing of the past 5-6 years.

  9. Lactose intolerance ? *sad* I drink milk (straight, not with added extras or de-fanged) every day and have done since I was little. I was told as a child that my asthma may be related to dairy products so I had 3 months with no dairy products. It was hell! Never. Again.

  10. Congratulations on reaching (almost) your goal!! Very impressive - will hopefully be still able to recognise you when we next catch up :)

    I have a ridiculous number of vices and I think that being single should enable multiple plusses (or possibly just multiplication), but sadly I also have not all that much (non-reading) spare time...

  11. Cow juice?! I've never been able to drink it... it won't even reach my lips without an intense reaction.... on the other hand, Lili loves milk. My daughter and I are almost complete opposites O_o

    I'm going to try cold turkey, but it's extremely difficult to not drink Pepsi. It makes me sad even thinking of it :( It's so silly even to write it, but it does *sigh*

  12. That's awesome, orannia! And, you are doing it in such a practical, realistic way.

    My son is allergic to milk (not lactose intolerance) and he drinks almond milk or soy, has pizza w/o cheese, and my guy makes sorbets quite often to give him something special instead of ice cream. It's still hard, and he's anxious to see if he'll outgrow it one day.

    Oh! and my plus one would be Vanessa Williams. She's beautiful, and can both act and sing. (Tho' I've also thought Jessica Alba is just gorgeous since she was in the tv series Dark Angel, years ago.)

  13. That's pretty impressive! Congrats on reaching your 'almost' goal :) You're treating yourself right and eating healthy so that's what counts anyway! My vice is chocolate. Any kind. Dark, milk, whatever. I love it all ;)

  14. Congratulations, orannia! I'm so happy for you to see you nearly meet your goal. And you're right! You have one more month to work at that last 1.5 lbs.!!! You can do it! Although I'm sure your nutritionist is right and that you're at a great weight right now.

    Would it be horrible to say I'm a tad jealous of your discipline and results? I remember you making that post about your road to a healthier you--it seems like just yesterday. I should have done the same thing and lost that much weight. I know I'd be SO much happier 35 lbs. less than I am now.

    My vices are desserts. All of them.

    I hope you're very proud of yourself. You should be. :D

  15. cyphomandra - thank you! I think I look pretty much the same as before...just a bit leaner, so I think you'll recognize me *grin* As for the plus one...I suppose I could have more than one... *starts thinking*

    Mariana - my mother was the same way. She couldn't drink milk straight (and neither can my brother). I, on the other hand, love it :) Good luck with going cold turkey!

    Renee - thank you! Has your son tried gelato? I discovered it in Italy and YUM! And yes, Jessica Alba caught my eye in Dark Angel too. And I can see why you'd pick Vanessa Williams - she's lovely!

    Thank you Katie! Chocolate can be yum :)

    Christine - thank you! *hugs* No, it would't be horrible to say you're a tad jealous :) Since we're being honest, I'm a tad jealous of your fitness - the distance you run are amazing! I think I'm lucky - I can't believe I've lost the weight I have in such a short time period. And you have to remember you've just come out of a cold winter - it's hard to lose weight when your body is trying to keep it on to keep warm!