21 March 2010


I've discovered a sinkhole. One of my own making...and it's on my computer. You see, whenever I think of a post idea I type it out and store in a folder on my computer. If I'm not 'plugged in' at the time this 'great' idea appears, then said idea is scribbled on a post-it note...and stuck next to my computer. I looked in the folder yesterday - and at all the post-it notes - and realized that I've never actioned some of these ideas...and that some of them have been there...well...since Adam was a schoolboy *grin*

So, I'm curious (aren't I always) - how many half-written posts do you have lurking around?


  1. I've lost count--and ain't gonna go looking either (makes me feel guilty)

    So... when can we expect you to catch up, orannia? *evil, cheeky grin*

  2. Um, at last count, I had 17 draft posts, some from over two years ago. :)

  3. Haha! Not that many, really. If they linger in my ScribeFire for more than a week, I usually decide they're stupid and delete them. But I don't actually come up with that many blogging ideas that I have a backlog.

  4. Um, just looked at my drafts, and I've got 70. Mostly half started reviews, but also other half-finished (and probably half-baked) ideas. I troll thru them when I need a post, and every once in a while actually use one! lol

  5. Same as heidenkind, I don't really have that many ideas to have a backlog. I tend to be a spur of the moment type... usually when I'm bored (or riled up).

  6. azteclady - no feeling guilty! As for me catching up...Umm... *looks around*

    Chris - that's impressive :) I don't know if I've got 17 draft posts, but some of the ones I have in the folder have been lurking for over a year.

    Nicola - LOL!

  7. heidenkind - see, that's a good idea. I usually look at them and think 'what was I thinking when I wrote that' *grin* but then I think I can rework it and so keep it...kind of like most things. Yup, I'm a hoarder :)

    Kris - LOL! I think that kind of answers the question :)

    Renee - I'm impressed. Do you find that while you might not use an old post as is, they can be reworked/inspire a new post?

    Mariana - that works :) Most of my posts come to me on the day, but sometimes one comes that requires more thought...and then it gets stuck. I have one like that ATM, which I must work on this weekend!

  8. Probably 20-30 half or partially written posts. I also have a list of at least 20-30 more post ideas. Not counting a list of maybe 30 recipe/cooking/food posts I could put together.

    Feel better?