08 March 2010

Tick Tock

I'm about to commit an unspeakable sin - returning a library book...unread! Oh the shame... *swoons* Some background: I am not reading my current book (how does one refer to the book one is currently reading BTW - as a BIP [book in progress?]) - Luck in the Shadows - at a very fast pace. Note: I'm not bored by this book - it's interesting, but very detailed, and I'm just not moving through it very quickly. This may be that I am tired and am therefore not reading as quickly as usual...or I am busy and thus have less time to read. Or I'm just plain slow *grin*

All I know is that I have been reading Luck in the Shadows for *gasp* approximately 12 days, which means that others books are piling up behind it. The downside of borrowing your books from the library is that 1) your library holds expire within a certain time frame if you do not request the book and 2) you can only borrow a book for a certain length of time (in the case of my local library that would be 4 weeks) and only renew it once (for 2 weeks), and that's only if no one else has requested it.

So, in order to avoid another Traffic Jam, I have decided to return one of the books languishing by the bed and add the title to the end of my TBR list. *hangs head* I know, that's cheating. But time is racing by and I'm reading v e r y slowly...it's a nightmare! Do you ever feel like you don't read fast enough, that you're spending too much time reading one book and that you have to read faster? And can you hear the clock ticking while you read?


  1. In some sense, yes, but I think that's because my tbr is growing faster than I'm reading and not that my reading speed is slowing down... if that makes sense. :)

    Also, I'm a speed reader. I read super quick. That's not bragging because, to be honest, I wish that I didn't. However, university and my work as a researcher has given me the so-called skill of speed reading and unfortunately I can't switch it off. :(

  2. I can hear the clock ticking sometimes (mostly because my TBR pile is huge and visible), but I'm not sure that I could read much faster than I do. I'm a pretty zippy reader.

  3. I'm a pretty slow reader, and it always seems to take me longer to finish a book than I think it will. So, in a word, YES.

    It seem like I can only stand to read a book for five days. After that, no matter how good the book is or how far into it I am, I want to move on. So I usually just skim to the end and call it good.

  4. All the time... it's a bit like the crocodile after Cap'n Hook, you know?

  5. I've done it and been ashamed. It was a Linda Howard too. I just couldn't get myself to read it in time and they wouldn't renew it since someone was waiting. Ah well...another time perhaps.

  6. Kris - it does make sense. My TBR list is doing the same. I remember in the middle of last year is was at ~60 - now it's over 110! Speed reading can be handy, but sometimes when you want to savour a book...

    Chris - your TBR pile is visible? Mine hides online, for which I am VERY grateful!

    heidenkind - I think the more I stress about finishing something the slower I go. Saying that, I was having a chat with Kerry today and realised that some books are just meant to be read slowly :) And Luck in the Shadows is one IMO. Five days? I'm over twice that ATM. I only have 110 pages to go though, so I am making progress *grin*

    azteclady - I SO should have posted the crocodile photo! It's the perfect image. That ticking can drive you mad, can't it?

    Tracy - it's hard but...one shouldn't stress over books. I say return and rest easy :)

  7. I have both types of TBR, pile and file...

  8. "Do you ever feel like you don't read fast enough, that you're spending too much time reading one book and that you have to read faster? And can you hear the clock ticking while you read?"

    All. The. Time.
    There aren't enough hours in the day for me to read all the books I want to read - even all the books I own!
    And at least returning a library book doesn't put you out of pocket at all *g*

  9. I am fine about returning library books unread. However, if I've stalled halfway through a library book, I will hang on to it with grim determination just in case I end up back in the right mood to read it. Sometimes I do, and sometimes I just let the library have it back after varying numbers of overdue letters :)

    I got stuck in the middle of Dorothy Dunnett's The Unicorn Hunt, which is the fifth book of an eight book series, for almost three months, and hung on to it rather than lose momentum. I did eventually finish it and return it, but it was rather expensive!

    (and I'm not sure about the clock thing, especially as I don't really have a TBR pile as such. I do remember the moment in high school where I compared my reading speed against the numbers of new books published every year (in English alone, and not allowing for re-reads) and realised I was never going to catch up :) )

  10. I feel like that all the time :) I'm reading much much slower than I buy books!

    Btw I have a blog award for you over at my place:
    I hope you'll accept :)

  11. Chris - LOL! That's kind of scary though...the books are coming at you from both sides...

    Kristie - I'm so glad it's not just me :) We need a device to freeze time so we can catch up!

    cyphomandra - I couldn't do it. It's the whole fear of authority thing. I have to return library books on time. Before time. Once I've read them I get twitchy if they don't go back. I know, I'm weird. And if you're never going to catch up then I definitely won't. *GULP* Maybe I should just embrace it...the OCD side of me doesn't like that :)

    Janna - I think you're in good company. And thank you for the blog award - I'm very honoured!