28 March 2010

Together Or Apart?

As I mentioned in my previous post (Character Versus Plot), I started reading The Hell You Say, the third book in Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series, at the beginning of last week. I have a confession (I seem to have a lot of those, don't I?) ...I've fallen in love - with Josh Lanyon's writing and...with Jake & Adrien *ducks* Yes, I know there are those of you who think Jake is...not good (to put it mildly) but...I can't deny the connection that exists between Jake & Adrien. Jake cares for Adrien. His feelings pour off the page in a wave. It isn't what he says, but what he doesn't say....and what he subconsciously does - how he touches Adrian, how he worries about Adrian *SIGH* Consciously, I think Jake is trying not to fall for Adrien...but he can't help himself, because deep down (subconsciously) he wants too. Which had me worried once I came to that realization, because I thought Jake might do something very stupid to prove to himself that what he feels...isn't what he feels. And he did.

But in spite of said stupid action (which I admit was a doozy), I'm cheering for them...because I believe they are meant to be together. And all of this got me to thinking...about other characters who are just meant to be together. Remember Moonlighting? Madeline 'Maddie' Hayes and David Addison? Or what about Bones? FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth and Dr Temperance 'Bones' Brennan? Hmmm....not so much. I don't read Charlene Harris, but what about Sookie & Bill? Should they be together? Or, how about (my personal favourite) Jacob & Bella? Hmmm, even though I'd like them to be together, I don't know if I get that impression from the writing...whereas the connection between Jake & Adrien fairly leaps of the page. Surreal from Anne Bishop's Black Jewel trilogy and...well...someone. Daemon is happy, Lucivar is happy. I want Surreal to be happy. (OK, I've gone slightly off topic). So, which characters do feel are just meant to be together?


  1. NOT Sookie and Bill. Nope.

    Of course, sitting here, I'm not coming up with any characters that I think should be together who don't end up together. Hmm. Maybe Harry Dresden and Karen Murphy...

  2. You're not alone... I love Adrien and Jake. Jake effed up royally, but there's no denying how much Adrien meant to him... LOVE these men.

  3. Oh, forgot to add... Kate and Curran need to get together :)

  4. Oh Josh and Adrien..they totally deserve to be together..the last three in this series are so freaking good!!!

    Umm..who else deserves it - def Jacob and Bella..HAHA. I can't think of another example at the moment...my mind is swirling with Jake and Adrien :)

  5. Chris - I've not read The Dresden Files. My best friend loves them but, I've weirdly never got around to picking them up. One day :)

    Mariana - I still have the fourth and fifth books to read (I bought the latter on the weekend - Fictionwise sales are evil :) but...let's just say I was waiting for Jake to do a stupid thing and he did. Not sure where the fourth book will take Jake or Adrien (I'm not even sure if it will be the same direction), but I want to find out! And Kate & Curran...yes. I don't get their connection as strongly as Jake & Adrien, but it's there *grin* Roll on the fourth book!

    I can't think of another example at the moment...my mind is swirling with Jake and Adrien :)

    Mandi - that was my problem when I wrote this post. I couldn't think any further :)

  6. "Yes, I know there are those of you who think Jake is...not good (to put it mildly)"

    To whom are you referring?

    I'm with Mariana. Definitely Kate and Curran. The other two that immediately popped into my mind were Kirk and Spock. *g*

    BTW, you are not the only one to want Surreal fall in love. Every book I keep hoping...

  7. Chris is totally right about Harry and Murphy.

    Jacob and Vic in JCP's PsyCop are like that. There's just that feeling that they are meant to be. (Hope you get around to this series!)

    Ooh, Orannia, I can't wait for you to read The Dark Tide! :-D

  8. To whom are you referring?

    *looks innocent* No one in particular *grin* WRT Kate & Curran, perhaps I need to re-read the third book...for investigative purposes only of course. Kirk & Spock? From the original TV series or the movie? The latter...I could see that :)

    And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who wants Surreal to fall in love! Fingers crossed Anne Bishop writes a book for Surreal!

    Renee - I really must read The Harry Dresden books, mustn't I :) Oh, and yes to Jacob and Vic. I've read the first book, but on the computer so it was very disjointed. I've written them on my eBook TBR list, so thank you for the reminder. And I'll keep you posted on my Adrien English series progress *grin*

  9. Clearly I need to get on the ball and reading the rest of the books in this series!

    There was a series I read when I was a teenager called The Secret Circle that had a love triangle between a girl, her bestie, and her bestie's boyfriend. The girl and the bf totally were meant to be together. *sigh*