04 April 2010

Fate? (Part II)

Yesterday, in my post entitled Fate? (Part I) [yes, I added 'Part I' to the title], I waxed lyrical on how Death of a Pirate King (Josh Lanyon) appeared on the horizon demanding to be read. I started reading Death of a Pirate King yesterday...and finished it this afternoon - I couldn't put it down! And when I'd finished? Well, there was absolutely no question about the next book I was going to read - The Dark Tide (the fifth and final *sob* book in the Adrien English series). I simply had to find out what happened to Adrien...and Jake! (And yes, I'm being careful with my wrists.) (Note: if I wasn't already a 'fan' of Josh Lanyon on GoodReads, I would be after reading Death of a Pirate King.)

So, I've been wondering, has anyone else immersed themselves in a series so thoroughly, they've gloomed (I hope that is the right use of the word :) one book after another?


  1. YES! I have been waiting for you to finish Death of a Pirate King so we can talk about one of the final scenes, but I can't say it here because it's a spoiler, so I'll send you an email.

  2. Oh yes. OH YES. I do that all the time. But sometimes the books are so intense that I have to take breaks between them. After I reread the first four Adrien English books in preparation for reading the fifth, I took a break before starting The Dark Tide, because I was a bit anxious about how things would turn out.

  3. All the time... especially if I've caught a series long after the first book. And the AE books are soooo freaking fantastic. Adrien and Jake are pretty awesome.... that final book was so satisfying :)

  4. You mean recently, or ever? I actually don't do that with books so much, although when I was younger I was obsessed with all the LJ Smith books and Elizabeth Peters series. I do glom onto TV shows, though, and watch them for like twelve hours a day until the finish the whole series. :)

  5. Meredith - I'll look for that email. Just finished The Dark Tide...more to follow!

    Chris - with Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths I needed to take breaks, but with the Adrien English series...I had to keep reading :) I'm so glad I didn't have to wait around for the fifth book to be published - I would have gone mad...well, more mad *grin*

    And the AE books are soooo freaking fantastic.

    Mariana - exactly!

    heidenkind - both :) For me it really depends on the series. The Adrien English series - I couldn't stop! And WRT TV shows, I did that with Firefly straight after seeing Serenity. And with 24 - I had a Christmas marathon and watched the first three series back to back!