03 April 2010

Fate? (Part I)

Last night, in the middle of texting my best friend, the lovely Starfire, the power went out. What was ironic was that my text was explaining my next steps for the evening - closing down the computer, completing a few chores (e.g. washing the dishes), having a shower and then curling up in bed with the last 60 pages of Archangel's Kiss. Yes, the last 60 pages! But there was a power cut. So, I had to improvise. The computer was off (thanks to the cut), so I washed the dishes and had a shower...by candlelight. Let me tell you, having a shower by candlelight sounds romantic...not so much, particularly when there is no one (say Dmitri *grin*) to assist. Where is this going you ask? Well...I like to read before I go to sleep, but reading by candlelight...is a bit tricky to put it mildly. So, I pulled out my iPhone and read the first chapter of Death of A Pirate King (Josh Lanyon). YAH for back lighting!

Now, I'm currently trying to avoid reading on my iPhone owing to the tendonitis flare in both wrists. But I had to read something, right? So I did. I was able to finish reading Archangel's Kiss this morning (it was good) and then dithered. What should I read next? Should I read Eve of Destruction (SJ Day) or In Golden Blood (Stephen Woodworth)? Both currently sitting by my bed. Or should I continue reading the book I started? I like finishing something before I start something else, which is the complete opposite of what I was like when I was young - I used to read two or three books at a time, much to my family's amusement. But I caved. I wanted to be back with Jake & Adrian... So, I'm reading Death Of A Pirate King carefully!

And all of this has got me to thinking, have you ever thought you were about to read one book when suddenly another book appeared on the horizon demanding to be read? And do you ever read two or more books concurrently?

Edited to change the title to Fate? (Part I).


  1. Oh, hell yeah - I'm always planning to read one book next when something fresh and shiny catches my eye instead.

    Showering by candlelight. Nope, haven't had that experience yet. I used to take a lot of candlelit baths, before I moved into this condo with its crappily shaped bathtub.

  2. I'm glad it's not just me. I dithered for ages, but Jake & Adrian kept intruding, demanding to be read :) I haven't had a bath in ages...well, not since I lived in a house with a bath that is. A bath by candlelight *SIGH* Your bathtub is shaped weirdly?

  3. All. The. Time. lol

    I usually start to get stressed be it, too. That's when I have to remind myself that I'm reading for pleasure, and I can read whatever, whenever I want.

    I hope you enjoy DoaPK! It will have you ruminating on Jake even more than ever! ;-)

  4. Instead of having a nicely sloped spot for leaning against, it's straight. Bah. And the back rests you can by for baths suck. Woe.

    Plus the kitties would probably set themselves on fire...

  5. Renee - LOL! And yes, reading is for pleasure, but sometimes that gets lost so it's good to be reminded of it :) And I've just found about...what Jake was up too in the previous 5 years (if you get my drift). I was gobsmacked!!! I know...I know he didn't use the 'e' word but....*speechless*

    Chris - oh *sad face* And speaking of kitties setting themselves on fire, may I direct you to a post from last year entitled Pitch Black (http://orannia.blogspot.com/2009/06/pitch-black.html). That's my kitty cat for ya :)

  6. Oh yes..if I hear someone talking fondly of a book..I usually break out in a sweat if I have not read it yet. It is a sickness!!!! I can't be stopped ;)

  7. I am easily distracted by the bright and shiny. It's not my fault though. I have Toy Poodle Flu. It is a horrible illness which makes me more and more books without even looking at the books I already have. Once you have it there is no cure. There is no hope for me. :(

  8. ... which makes me buy more and more books...


    Forgive me. I seem to be having one of those years.

  9. I have that all the time too. It's because there are so many books on my ereader and on my shelves that scream for attention, and I'm a giver, lol! But I try to finish them all around the same time so they won't feel neglected too much ;)
    Power loss seldom occurs here, but I like to think that I'm prepared for one... with my ereader's battery never too empty and the cover's build-in little light that runs on batteries...

  10. Orannia: Oh yeah. It took me a while to deal with some of DoaPK...

    *comes back from reading cat on fire story* Yikes!! Silly kitties. Glad that things turned out well there!

  11. I'm terrible at reading more than one book at a time. I've tried it several times, and I always compare one book to the other. So even if one of the books isn't too bad, if it's worse than the other book, I just wind up HATING it. Totally unreasonable, I know, but that's what happens!

    I always dither about what book to read next. Especially after theme months where I know I have to read certain books in a certain time frame--being able to choose any book I want just makes my head spin. I honestly don't know how I make any decisions sometimes. ;)

  12. Mandi - I'm assuming the cure for this particular sickness is to hunt down the book in question ASAP?

    Kris - dare I ask where the name Toy Poodle Flu comes from? I used to keep adding books to my library TBR list, but now I seem to be buying eBooks with mad abandon. Methinks this Toy Poodle Flu is contagious... *hugs* Here is hoping your year is a good one

  13. Janna - so many books and not enough time! Oh, and I like your attitude. I used to be a Girl Guide. Our motto: Be prepared *GRIN*

    Chris - I finished Death of A Pirate King this afternoon. I couldn't put it down... And yes, the fire incident was worrying! I should have realized he wasn't sure where he tail was!

    heidenkind - LOL! I don't know how I read more than one book at once when I was younger. Now, I need to mix the genres up otherwise the comparisons crop up and things get messy. And when there is so much choice, a decision sure if hard!

  14. The last time I counted up how many books I was reading at once it was 24, not counting on-line reading. I did this on lj about 18 months ago, so have just been back to check - I've fnished quite a few, but some of them are very much still in progress in my head! I might do a similar post again soon.

    I often have books on the go in different rooms of the house, at home, at work, in transit... but none of this necessarily prevents situations like yours, where I desperately want to finish reading something that's just not readable (for whatever reason) right now. Very annoying :)

  15. cyphomandra - 24 at once! WOW! I'm SO impressed! And I love that you have different books on the go in different rooms in the house :)