15 April 2010

The Fine Print

In Learning By Degrees I mentioned that I LOATHE invasions into my privacy. (And I know that probably sounds...well, hypocritical considering how detailed the previous post was, but I chose to disclose that information.) Anyway, this 'invasion' resulted because I didn't read the fine print in a document...well, I did, but my interpretation of the fine print differed from that of the writers of the document. But, what is done, is...done. In hindsight, I've learnt that not only should I read the fine print, I should question it to the nth degree to make sure that my interpretation is accurate.

Anyway, in an effort to cheer myself up tonight, I watched an episode of one of my favourite TV shows - Glee.

I'm so hanging out for the new season...well, the second half of the season. (The whole splitting of a season thing is very confusing IMO.) And from this one quote Sue Sylvester seems to be on form:
'Oh, I will bring it William. Know what else I'm gonna bring? I'm gonna bring some Asian Cookery to rub your head with, 'cause right now you've got enough product in your hair to season a wok.'
I've also discovered that Sue Sylvester has a Twitter account...no, I'm not joining Twitter. I may just haunt it a bit more *grin*

So, when you're feeling...low, what picks you up, makes you laugh?

Edited because...I feel more comfortable with this version *grin*


  1. Hanging out with a friend - I have a couple friends who can always make me laugh. Or going for a walk around the lakes if it's sunny out.

  2. Friends can be fantastic that way :) Ahh, sun and water - always a lovely combination. And ATM I'm guessing there is blossom everywhere?

  3. Not yet. *sigh* It's been really, really dry here, so the greenery and blooming are off to a slow start.

  4. I guess it depends. When I was in school and needed to escape from crap, I went to the print studio or the darkroom and just worked there. Now I guess I would watch House Hunters. :P

    Sounds like you need a lawyer.

  5. My biggest pick me ups when I'm feeling low are snuggling with my husband, seeing my kids happy and hearing them laughing, and reading a book.

    Sorry about those fine print issues. :(

  6. Chris - soon :) I had a fire last night. One of the lovely things about winter is being warm and toasty when it's cold outside :)

    heidenkind - IIRC my best friend and I used to walk...around and around and around at high school during the lunch break. I've spoken to the Privacy Commissioner...now I just to decide if I want to take things further.

    Christine - they all sound like great things to do. I'm have a huge pile if ironing this afternoon, but am planning to do the ironing while watching New Moon (anything to escape thinking about a family issue that just dot dumped in my lap :)