21 April 2010


I was planning on posting something entirely different today, but this post suddenly appeared and demanded discussion. See, I'm currently reading Keeping Promise Rock (Amy Lane). It's an amazing book IMO - the two main characters, Deacon & Carrick (Crick), are...so clear it's like they are sitting right next to me. They feel real...human - who they are, the situations they get themselves into. And as a consequence of this fantastic writing I've become incredibly invested in them...in their HEA. And that's the problem. I'm just over halfway through the book and...I'm not entirely convinced that they will have a HEA. I keep thinking something terrible is going to happen to either Deacon or Crick...or both! So...confession time. I'm very tempted to peak at the end of the book just to reassure myself that everything will be OK...that there will be a HEA. (And those of you on GoodReads will have noticed my plea this morning for confirmation of a HEA.)

I don't usually peek ahead in a book. If I do, it's usually because I'm bored with the current scene (the characters and/or the plot - there's nothing worse that reading a book with an ensemble of characters and only being interested in some of them IMO, but that's a whole different kettle of fish), not because I'm so invested (read petrified) in the characters.

So, I'm wondering if I'm the only person who is tempted to peek. Have you been tempted to peek? Do you peek? And, if so, why?


  1. I peek! I admit it! If something gets stressful, or if a character I like disappears, I peek. I can't help myself. But you know what is curing me of it? My Kindle. I'm too lazy to peek when reading from it...so I eat antacids instead.

    I'm a stressful reader..LOL :)

  2. I totally peek; even with my Sony I peek. And I love spoilers. No guilt here for it.

  3. I don't peek. Probably not a surprise, considering how anti-spoiler I am!

    Persist! Don't peek! :)

  4. I've done it a few times, when the tension is such I can barely breathe with anxiety. I always regret it though, because while peeking relieves that anxiety and allows me to keep on reading with a normally breathing heart, it also diminishes the impact of whatever the author does to solve the conflict--after all, I'm going in knowing (beyond the, "this is a romance, there's a HEA" knowing, I mean) that they make it.

  5. I do peek sometimes.



    And I am very anti-spoiler, too! Why do it do it, then?

    *kicks myself*


  6. I think I read too slowly. If I read faster, I wouldn't be as impatient to get ahead in the story. *sigh*

  7. I always have good intentions not to peek, but sometimes I get so invested in the characters that I just HAVE to peek to be sure they're going to be okay. Otherwise I'm so anxious I can't enjoy the book.

    On the other hand, I don't peek with mysteries because I want to let it unfold without knowing the answer. The worst thing is when I'm so invested in the characters in a mystery that I just have to peek and end up accidently spoiling myself to the solution to the mystery. I hate that. But my concern for the characters still wins out.

  8. Mandi - I follow characters. I did that a lot with Lover Avenged as I was interested in certain storylines and characters but not others. And I do agree it's harder to peek with an eBook Reader :)

    Mariana - I say definitely go the no guilt route *grin*

    Chris - at the moment I'm persisting. Saying that, I was up till very late last night just so I could stop reading in a semi-comfortable place :)

  9. azteclady - I agree. I often wish I hadn't peeked when I did, 'cause it's finding out that one fact that can ruin the rest of the story. But even though I know this book is meant to be a romance, I'm still not certain it's going to happen, which says something about the author :)

    Christine - I've done that. If a book is not a fast read...either I don't have the time, it's complicated and I read slowly and not very exciting, I'm tempted to peek, just to know things speed up. It's a constant battle not too with some books!

    Kerry - I'm so with you on not peeking in mysteries. Knowing the 'who-dun-it' (and the why) ahead of time is so frustrating. But I'm with you on investing in the characters and becoming anxious. I think I've passed the danger point now *fingers crossed*!

  10. Cute kitty :)
    Nope, I never peek! I love the feeling you're describing, to be so involved with the characters that I feel what they feel. And peeking would spoil that and my reading pleasure.
    Hang in there and try to resist ;)

  11. *gasp* You peek! The horrors!

    PS - Please do not read any of my latest posts at DIK. Thank you.

  12. I do this all the time. The only time I ever regretted it was when I was reading New Moon.

  13. I admit. I'm a peeker. Okay fine I tend to read the end of a book...like 80% of the time. Me and my therapist are 'working on this'.

  14. I don't peek. I like the anticipation and the surprise. I think it would diminish the impact of the book. If I'm going to read a book, I don't like spoilers either, it's about that surprise for me.

    When it comes to mysteries, I like to see if I can solve them before the end. It becomes a race/competition against the sleuth for me, lol!

  15. I might peek to the end of a scene, when I'm dying to know how it'll turn out, but I almost never peek at the end of a book. The only exception I can think of is if I'm dnf-ing it, but I'm still curious as to some plot point resolution.

    I will also skim most review of books I haven't read, past the plot description, down to where I can read the writer's opinion of the book.

    Stay strong! :-)

  16. Janna - I've never been so caught up in a book that I was tempted to peek just to know that the HEA occured. It's such a great feeling :)

    Kris - you do realize I'm now going to go straight to DIK to find your posts, don't you?

    heidenkind - I'm glad it's not just me :) I did resist with this book - YAH!

  17. Smokin - do you feel you need to work on the peeking? 'Cause you've got me thinking...is peeking actually bad? Hmmmm...

    Hilcia - I'm so glad I didn't peak with Keeping Promise Rock. I will admit to being tempted, but I held off. And I agree with you about mysteries - finding out the why really sucks!

    Renee - I stayed strong! And I'm so glad I did. I loved the book...well, all except the last part of the last chapter, which was a little too sweet for me. But the rest of the book blew me away. Am so hoping for a linked sequel. Amy Lane writes so well! And yes, I peek at the end if I DNF a book :)