05 April 2010

Please Sir...

...can I have some more?

So, I just finished reading The Dark Tide, the fifth and final book in the Adrien English series. And although I know it's the final book *sob* all I can think of is 'Please Sir, can I have some more?' I was trying to read The Dark Tide s l o w l y so that I could savour it, and yet I couldn't put it down! (It took me a lot longer than planned to compost the vegetable garden and clean the pantry [and I still haven't finished washing the dishes] because I kept having 'breaks' throughout the day *grin*) I haven't read a series this good, that has spoken to me so clearly, since first picking up Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labryinths series early last year. The characters fairly leap off the page in The Darkest Tide (and the earlier books) and I am now even more of a Josh Lanyon fan than before (if that is possible).

The downside to finishing an amazing series is that I have to come down off the high - all it takes is a few hours and everything seems...flat...and no book is comparable. (I felt the same way when I finished Mine to Possess [Nalini Singh].) I think the fall is because I connect with certain characters so strongly...and miss that connection when I finish reading the book. *SIGH* It's like my emotions are a little more accessible when I read...

Since I can't have a sixth Adrien English book - and I so want it, although in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' - I would like to know where I should turn my attention too next? Which Josh Lanyon book should I read? And are there any other authors I should investigate? (Note: I am aware Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series is very good so I'm adding the first book in that series to the TBR list.) And do you ever come down with a thump after finishing an extraordinary series?


  1. Isn't Jake's declaration of love at the end the BEST SCENE EVER????

    "Do I love you? Baby I...."

    Oh yes :)

    I hate finishing series..or really good book..LOL. I walk around my house in a daze. Hubs knows not to talk to me :)

  2. The same thing happens to me when I finish a really good book or series!

    Hmm. Have you read Cheating Chance and Inland Empire by James Buchanan? The Deadly series by Victor J. Banis? I'd highly recommend both!

  3. That's how I felt after I re-read the series, getting ready for The Dark Tide. By the time I finished TDT, I was devastated (in a good way).

    And, yes, Mandi has that quote that is just awesome! By the time he utters those words...

    Oh, and: PsyCop, PsyCop, PsyCop

    That is all. *g*

    Chris: I have the Buchanan books on my reader. Sounds like I need to read them sooner rather than later.

  4. Renee: Oh yes. Also, there are two Toy Boxes (not at Torquere anymore) (Handcuffs and Rope) that are shorts related to those books. And I've heard that the third book is on its way...

  5. I loved this series! I was so happy for A & J at the end of TDT but damn! I want more! lol (btw love the Oliver pic)

    I think that anyone who truly gets invested in a book or series has that hang time where you just don't want to pick another book up. You need to savor what it was you just read and let it turn over in your mind a time or two. At least that's what I have to do. :)

  6. *sobs* when Adrien sees Kate leaving the house and he and Jake will finally be together *sobs* then Adrien utters this line (paraphrasing here) how in the end he gets to keep Jake and how he felt sorry for Kate because she wouldn't be with Jake anymore *blows into hankie*

    I was touched but damn my heart hurt for like a solid week.

  7. The Dickens with Love is pretty good. :)

    I felt the same way after finishing Eyes Like Stars this week--but now I'm reading The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott, and that's also a really good book. So yay!

  8. Some of my favourite things about this whole series are in the final chapters of that book. Jake bought Adrien a puppy, for god's sake. If that's not the sweetest thing ever, I don't know what is. The declaration of love is also fantastic, but my absolute favourite thing was this:

    "Nothing about you could be ugly to me."

    That is perfect.

  9. Saps. The lot of you. God, I love fellow romance readers. *g*

  10. That ending was perfection for me... love that Adrien got his man ;)

    I completely agree with Chris... James Buchanan writes some fine books (LOVE Nicky and Brandon) and Victor Banis' Deadly series is a good one.

    Psycop is great as well, and the next one in the series is supposed to be out this summer sometime.

    Jet Mykle's Heaven Sent series is a favorite of mine. (MM Contemporary)

    JL Langley With or Without series is a good one too :) (MM Paranormal)

  11. Mandi - I just adored Jake's declaration of love. It was so...right. I also loved the scene when Jake explained the one time that he had begged in his life. So choked me up! My all-time favourite quotes in the book though are:

    How had I forgotten this? How had I been satisfied with anything else? Guy... Mel... it was like choosing celluloid kisses over the real thing. The real thing was raw and powerful and dangerous...but it was the real thing. Had I really believed I could make do with safe substitutes?


    'Because nothing could hurt worse that never seeing you again. I can't do it. It's breaking my heart.'

    *SIGH* I so want that...

    And I'm glad I'm not the only one walking around the house in a daze. Everything has annoyed me today. Nothing feels...crisp; everything is flat and drab :(

  12. Chris - I haven't read any of your suggestions, but I've noted them down - thank you. I think I do have one James Buchanan book lurking somehere...

    Renee - devastated is a very apt description of how I feel ATM. I want to re-read the books not knowing anything...and fall in love with the characters all over again! And once I work out how to use Calibre I'm on to the PsyCop books :)

    Tracy - I too was rapt for Jake & Adrien. At one point I was really worried that Josh would take Adrien in a different direction and my insides were twisting because I knew how Adrien felt...Adrien just had to work out how he felt, which is why I love the second quote in the previous comment so much! And I also want more. Not going to happen, is it? And I agree about the savouring. You need to...find your equilibrium again.

    Smokinhotbooks - this quote?

    Poor Kate. How would she survive losing him? It had nearly killed me the first time. Nearly killed both of us really.

    *SIGH* Hurting heart? Check!

  13. heidenking - Dickens With Love? So noted :) And yes, reading another very good book does help! I just need to find the book, and have it so different from the Adrien English books that I don't compare them :)

    Meredith - great line! OMG! I should so re-write this post and ask for everyone's favourite lines from the series :) And yes, buying the puppy was such an awww moment!

    Saps. The lot of you.

    Kris - guilty as charged *grin*

    Mariana - I'm so glad we had that ending. I still think the book finished abruptly - this is when I want the epilogue or follow-up novella - but...I got the reunion. And it was so good! Thank you so much for all the recommendations too! Good thing I've got the iPhone as my eBook reading is taking off :)

  14. Orannia: Here's a post about using Calibre to do conversions.

    Oh, my veri word is chill.