19 April 2010

The Spare

For those of you who read historical romance, the phrase 'an heir and a spare' will be rather familiar. That is exactly how I see books. I always like to have one...waiting in the wings so to speak, because I never know if perhaps a book and I won't...connect and I'll need a new one ASAP. (Note: this policy does not apply to other areas of my life, e.g. males *grin*)

Occasionally, the 'heir and a spare' policy doesn't work because I don't quite keep on top of things, and I end up staring down the barrel of one of two 'unacceptable' scenarios: a) drowning in library books (which can lead to stress WRT return dates); or b) the 'spare' hasn't arrived in time (and thus I have nothing to read). The latter occurred last night. I started reading Shadow Kiss (Richelle Mead) and realized after approximately 10 pages that I just didn't want to continue. Result: panic! What do I read? (And, yes, before you ask, I have keeper books I could pick up, but I have learnt that there picking up a keeper may result in madness...reading dribs and drabs of various books but not one whole book. Does that happen to anyone else out of interest?)

And then it struck me. *slow grin* I have an iPhone. And on that iPhone are books....books I've bought but haven't read yet. So then it became fun again. Do I read Keeping Caught Running (Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux)? Promise Keeping Rock (Amy Lane)? Shades of Greay? (Brooke McKinley) [It's very hard to remember that the US spelling of grey is with an 'a', not an 'e'.] Or Zero to the Bone (Jane Seville)? (Yes, all the books on my iPhone are m/m.) I finally decided on Keeping Promise Rock and have come to the conclusion that an iPhone is a dream solution to the 'heir and a spare' dilemma.

So, do you adopt the 'heir and a spare' policy, or do you have an entirely different policy that you would be willing to share?


  1. I used to worry about a book sucking so bad while I'm out of the house and away from my other books that I wouldn't want to read it and thus have nothing to read... but then I got an iPod Touch. :D

  2. My ereader has definitely reduced the stress of "zOMG! What if I finish my book and have nothing to read?!?!" And it makes packing for vacation much, much easier.

    I probably have 100+ unread books on my ereader. That's counting the m/m and m/f, but not counting the freebie classics that came with the reader (those are my absolute desperation reads).

  3. I always have a pile of books around, both read and to be read, just in case...

    Heck, I even carry a few of them to work even though I know I won't be able to sit and read there!

    Regarding re-reading in "dribs and drabs" (great phrase, by the way!) it happens when my mind is listless--stressed out about stuff to the point where a re-read can't suck me in enough to escape into the book. After all, I know what happens to these characters, you know?

  4. heidenkind - I used to worry about the same thing. If I was part way through a book I knew I was safe...but if I was close to the end I'd carry two just in case I finished first. I adore my iPhone just 'cause it gives me flexibility :)

    Chris - 100+ unread books? WOW! I'm impressed! As for the free classics - I think I my one and only was Alice in Wonderland, although I do believe I have a Stanza guide :)

    azteclady - welcome! I've been missing you! It's always safer to carry that spare IMO *grin* And that's it - when you're stressed out to the nth degree your brain won't slow down enough to settle on anything...when that happens I end up re-reading favourite scenes rather than favourite books.

  5. I'm with Chris. My ereader has definitely lessened that stress of not having another book around just in case the first is boring as bat poo. It's aloso makes the handbag a whole less heavier.

  6. When I pick up a new book to start reading, I'm usually one step ahead of myself and already know what I'm going to read next, so I don't usually get stuck between books and not know what to read. I think this is a fairly new "habit" of mine and this method can fall apart in a moment's notice I suppose if I get too stressed out or distracted by whatever's going on and I lose my momentum. One thing that really helps me keep my reading mojo going is that I read from so many different genres these days, so nothing ever feels stale. There's always something out there that I want to read right away.

  7. There are occasions that I read two books at once but not all that often. I usually just have one book at a time at hand so that I can focus my attention on it. If it doesn't work then I'll pick up another.

  8. Kris - that was exactly the conclusion I came too on Sunday night when I realized I'd screwed up in the planning department. I have to say though, I do like having a print copy in my hands. Maybe it's a comfort thing?

    Christine - I usually have a fair idea of what I'm going to read next too...and I agree with you about genres. In fact, I try and mix things up so that I don't get bored of one genre :) That doesn't always work though.

    Tracy - I used to read two books at once when I was younger. I guess now I have more on my mind and so have less concentration? It's planning ahead in advance to have the second book handy that let me down on Sunday.

  9. I'm with the eReader ladies :) I have a slew of books (~500; only 25 unread) that I carry around on my Sony, so I'm good.

    I can 100% recommend Caught Running and Shades of Grey... both FANTASTIC books.

  10. Thank you Mariana. Caught Running and Shades of Grey will hopefully be the next eBooks I read...I just have decide which to read first *grin*