07 April 2010

What Ya Watching? (Part II)

Following on from the original What Ya Watching? post (January 2010), I am pleased to report that I have finally finished watching Season 1 of Fringe. The final episode was...interesting to say the least (I'm referring specifically to the gravestone), and I'm looking forward to Season 2...if the TV network that screened Season 1 stops sitting on Season 2 (which, unfortunately, happens all too frequently).

So, what's next I hear you ask? The lovely Starfire has lent me Season 1 of Criminal Minds, so I'm hoping to watch an episode or two of that this week, in amongst my usual viewing for the week - The Good Wife and Lie to Me. Oh, and I have been informed that Season 4 of The Tudors will be screened in New Zealand - YAH! I always worry about such things, as the TV networks here are...not consistent.

So, what ya watching?


  1. Um, nothing? After CJ finishes her edits next week, I think we're going to start watching season one of Supernatural.

  2. LOL! I enjoyed Season 1 of Supernatural...my TV network sat on Season 2 for so long that I gave up. I am kind of tempted to try and pick it up again, but it's been so long I'll probably have to start from the beginning :)

  3. I haven't watched TV since the Olympics were on. LOL. No... that's not entirely true. Sometimes my 11 y.o. begs for company while she watches her favorite Disney channel shows, so I sort of "watch" them with her while surfing the 'net. Between you and me, though... I don't count that. ;)

  4. LOL Christine. It's a shame you don't get coverage of the Commonwealth Games in September. It's like the Summer Olympics, but with less countries :)