28 May 2010

Bye Bye Birdie

When the lovely Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos posted The One with the Bat I thought to myself that I would never experience something even close...that was, until this evening. Don't worry, it's not a bat story *grin*
It's winter down in this neck of the woods, and I decided to light my fire a little early tonight. I was just in the process of closing the wood burner door when something squeezed past....
Yup, a bird. It must have fallen down the chimney...it horrifies me what would have happened if I had shut the door just a few seconds earlier. (And yes, the bird seemed no worse for wear for it's Santa Claus attempt.) Anyway, I spent the next 5 minutes herding said frantic bird out the door...worrying all the while that my hungry cat might decide to flag the waiting time until dinner and go for take out! Luckily, my cat isn't really sure where birds fit into the grand scheme!
So, had any uninvited visitors drop by lately?


  1. Wow! That sounds exciting for all concerned!

    Mayhem would have been losing her furry little mind...

  2. I'm assuming you're not meaning my Baby Brother. :P

  3. Just bugs, now that it's summer.

  4. Chris - for a minute I thought I was imagining things! My previous cat would have reacted just like May, but my current one was more interested in me filling up his plate with tuna, not bird :)

    Kris - nope...unless he has wings? *grin*

    heidenkind - that's one of the things I like about winter, way less flies!

  5. Ah well - at least the bird is ok! lol

    No "live" visitors. My oldest opened the blind in the front window and there was a dead bird laying on the hedge. Nice. Poor thing. Now I have to go out today and dispose of it. I'll say a little prayer for it before it heads to waste management. :)

  6. Tracy - yes! I couldn't believe that the bird seemed ok (not that I could get close to check). It sure flew away very quickly! Oh, and sorry to hear you found a dead bird :( I hope it had a good life!