31 May 2010

Rainy Days And Mondays...

...always get me down. (Yes, I'm quoting The Carpenters!) And on rainy days and Mondays one pulls out a comfort read. Numerous, far more eloquent, posts have been written on the subject of comfort reads, but I wanted to add my two cents' worth.

The past weekend was my first in what feels like ages without any extracurricular activities (read familial responsibilities). Just the thought of not having to sort and/or fix anything was blissful - I felt like I had all the time in the world! (Famous last words.) Unfortunately, the stress of previous weeks and the lack of sleep caught up with me this weekend. (A similar thing used to happen during exams. I could run on adrenaline for weeks...but crash straight afterwards.) Anyway, crashing coupled with me not feeling too good (sometimes I really don't like being female), led me to hibernating (translation 'existing'). To keep me sane I immersed myself in a book - Tigers & Devils (Sean Kennedy) to be precise!

And it was SO gooooood! I've always read the various comfort read posts, nodded, and, when prompted, proceeded to list books that I like. But, I don't think I ever really understood what a comfort read was. It's a book that makes you feel...warm and fuzzy...like when you're lying in bed listening to the rain, or curled up in front of the fire in your favourite PJs, or eating your favourite food...or standing in the sun after so long in the shade. (Apologies, I've become rather overenthusiastic :) But that's what comfort reads are, yes? And, Tigers & Devils is definitely a comfort read. In oh so many ways. I was actually laughing while reading it. Yes, me - who has no sense of humour - laughing while I read a book! I couldn't have picked a better book to read this past weekend if I had tried. I adored it! I loved the warmth that oozed out of this book. I loved the main protagonist's (Simon) self-deprecating humour, the myriad and three-dimensional secondary characters and all the cultural references (most of which I got - it helps living on the other side of the Ditch [Tasman Sea])...and I loved how Simon developed as a character...how he grew and learnt to express rather than hide his emotions. Because that's so important.

The downside to finishing such an emotive book is that it's finished :( And now I feel flat. Really flat. Nothing else seems all that appealing. I re-read Simon & Declan's first meeting over lunch, but part of me just wants to re-read the entire book so I feel that emotional connection between all the characters all over again. (And I'm not just referring to the connection between the two main protagonists, but the bonds of friendship that are so apparent throughout this book.) *SIGH* I so wish the author (Sean Kennedy) was writing a sequel, but...(yes I typed in 'Tigers & Devils' and 'sequel' into Google) according to an interview at Reviews By Jesswave:
Never say never, but I’m not really sure if there could be a sequel, or at least, what the storyline could be. I love the characters – all of them, hell I would even be happy to see Jasper Brunswick pop up again to see if he could make Simon’s head explode – and although I know in my head what happened to them into the future, I just don’t know if it would work. Sometimes it’s better not to attempt it, in case you destroy the first one. Unless you plan it as a series from the get-go (which is a nice segue into your next question, yeah?).
Personally *sly grin* I think Declan's ex-boyfriend is a good candidate...

So, what is your favourite comfort read and, if this isn't too personal a question, how does it make you feel?


  1. Funny, I never even considered a sequel for T&D - it just seemed so complete.

    Of course, my mind goes blank when asked this question. Um, Carbon and Ash by Chris Owen. Bad Boys, Bad Boys by Mia Watts.


  2. T&D seems complete to me too Chris, so I don't think a direct sequel would be feasible *sob sob*...but hope springs eternal, yes? *grin* So I'm pinning my hopes on an indirect sequel :)

    And Carbon & Ash (Chris Owen). Should I investigate?

  3. Orannia: You should! Esp if the FW 40% plus additional 10% off (coupon code Bonus10) is still going on. :)

  4. Tigers and Devils is definitely my top 5 books. I actually had it to win the DABWAHA tourney... alas, it didn't but only because it was robbed ;)

    LOVE these characters; all of them. They were perfect. I read this book constantly.

    Another is Collision Course by KA Mitchell and anything by Shelly Laurenston. I can't ever read just a bit of these books; I always just re-read them. Julie Garwood's Highlander books do this for me too.

    I'm so happy you loved it. It's always so nice to see a book you hold dear have the same effect (affect) on others :)

  5. Oh, I don't know. I guess Night Train to Memphis would be one of my big comfort reads, or something by Lisa Kleypas or Christina Dodd.

  6. Chris - the sale is still on...and Carbon & Ash has been bought...along with three other books! You are so evil for my TBR list! OK, so is the sale :)

    Mariana - Tigers & Devils was...*SIGH*...brilliant! And yes, the characters were fantastic! Life with them would never be boring! Was thinking of re-reading it straight away, but am going to go so this week :) And Collision Course sounds good, so is on my wish list :) You are also so evil for my TBR list!

    heidenkind - I love Lisa Kleypas' books, particulary Mine Till Midnight (YAH for a nonconventional [read not confirming to Hollywood sterotypes] heroine). And now I want to re-read it. And you are also so evil for my TBR list *grin* night Train to Memphis I don't know. *races off to investigate*

  7. Orannia, Carbon and Ash is an old favorite! Hope you enjoy it. :D I usually go with contemporaries when I want a comfort read, but lately I've choosing some historicals. Kleypas is an author whose work I enjoy re-reading & Mary Balogh is another.

  8. Chris - LOL! I think I've bought over 10 books (to date - one should be clear on such things although I'm hoping that it's for the time being :) in the FW sale.

    Hilcia - I'm looking forward to reading C&A. Maybe not straightaway as I'm still coming down from reading T&D :) Lisa Kleypas seems to be a popular (and good :) comfort read choice. And there are some Mary Balogh books I just adore!

  9. Orannia: Ok, look who you're talking to - me, notorious book slut. My answer is "That's all?"

  10. Oh Orannia..I'm SO happy you loved Tigers and Devils. It is a total comfort read for me. I didn't want it to end..ever. I love that book so freaking much!!!


    I await something else from him!

  11. Chris - LOL! *mutters to self* Do not bite, do not bite, do not bite! *grin*

    I didn't want it to end..ever.

    Mandi - exactly! Have you read the short? Oh, for more shorts! I still think a sequel (even an indirect one) would be perfect!

  12. Thanks everybody, especially Orannia! You have no idea how happy I am that over almost a year and a half later people are still discovering TaD and enjoying it!

  13. I am going to have to read this book! Sounds great. :P

  14. Sean - thank you so much for stopping by! *happy dance* And it's an amazing book and thanks to a number of lovely people, including Kris and Meredith Shayne, that I picked it up! And I'm so glad I did!

    Ames - it's a great book....more than great actually :)