18 May 2010


Caveat: I don't mean any disrespect to either the author or her work, so I apologise in advance if I cause offence - it is not my intention to do so.

Note: minor spoilers for Lover Mine.

Wanted: A Human. Just a human. Not a vampire, a sympath, a Moor, a Fallen Angel (have I missed anyone?) or a combination thereof. Just a human. A bona fide human...with no vampire ancestors lurking (aka Butch...and possibly Manny [I have my theories...]).

*realizes ad draft has gone seriously off track and attempts to regroup*

Wanted: A Human. Note: no drug addicts or drug dealers (or their employees) need apply because, bottom line, you'll no doubt end up as fodder for the Lessening Society, won't you?

*clears throat*

Wanted: A Human. An intelligent human. To prove to the vampire population that humans aren't all bugs or fodder or...the dregs of society. To prove that even without the ability (among other things) to bench press 700 pounds, dematerialize or retract one's teeth humans are...creative, competent, can kick a*s and have...resolve!

Wanted: A Competent Human with Resolve! To prove to the vampire population that they are becoming complacent...and that humans have...clout!


So, if you could insert a character into any series (book or TV), who would it be and why?

FYI - in case you're wondering where all of this came from, I just finished reading Lover Mine (JR Ward). Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it (although I could have done without the last chapter), but...the humans in Caldwell appear to be either drug dealers or drug addicts (and their employees) [and fodder for the Lessening Society], prostitutes, mindless drones, cruel medical personnel or incompetent police officers (well, except for Jose, who I liked). And can I just say YAH for not knowing what brands Jose was wearing when he made an appearance! Hence the need for a human character who is other than that, and no, by other I don't mean an arrogant surgeon (aka Manny), who I am sure isn't actually human (and no, that isn't a spoiler, it's a theory).


  1. I don't know Orannia. In this particular world if there is a decent human they're "turned" into something other... vampires (think Butch), or ghosts (ala Jane), or immortal (ala Mary). Eventually they wind up NOT being human afterall. Jose is the only decent human character who has survived throughout the series and who knows how long that will last. It just seems to me in the BDB world mere humans are not particularly wanted. :)

  2. Mind, I haven't read the last three installments, but what about the plastic surgeon in the short story from the Insider's Guide? If memory serves, that was an outstanding example of what true humanity can be.

    Of course, not a recurring character and, we could say, not part of the BDB universe, but proof that when Ward wants, she can write decent, above-average, intelligent, generous, deep humans ;-)

  3. My wish is just to have the Lessening Society vanish from the books forever.

  4. I'm with Chris... they don't even make sense... what's their point? Anywho... glad you enjoyed it :)

  5. Hilcia - exactly! It's like you read my mind :)

    azteclady - *frantically tries to think if there are any spoilers for the previous three books* I forgot about the plastic surgeon! And yes, he was lovely and yes, it does prove that the author can write such characters. Maybe...maybe that's just not the direction she is heading though, which is fair enough :)

    Chris - I have to be honest, I don't enough their POV scenes. And as for Lash...I just want him to grow up and stop acting like such a spoilt brat, 'cause that's what it feels like!

  6. Mariana - I agree (see above comment [we must have cross posted *grin*]. And yes, I enjoyed. So, not stopping this series ATM (I want to know what happens with Qhuinn & Blay plus I whether my theories or who ends up with who come to pass :)

  7. OMG Lover Mine made me so emo, especially when you know who wore something "special" at the end.

    I never noticed until you mentioned that the humans in the BDB world are usually drug dealers or soon to be turned into vamps.

  8. Smokin' - I can't believe I'm admitting this but...that last chapter...it was just so sappy! I loved that....you know who wore you know what but...the whole thing was... Obviously I shouldn't read final chapters while eating breakfast - so breaks the mood :).

    And I did wonder if it was just me (WRT the humans :) Bring on Jose I say...although maybe by saying that I'm giving him the the BDB equivalent of the Star Trek 'red shirt'... *grin*

  9. But wouldn't a human in that town have to be aware that it was running over with vampires and fallen angels and whatnot?

  10. Nope, they are all completely ignorant. And then there's the vampires' mind wipe ability...