03 June 2010

Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl

At the beginning of May, the very talented Kassa from Kassa RVWS's Journal devised the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl as a way for readers to say thank you to our favourite authors. Yesterday, 02 June, we discovered Shayla Kersten thanks to the lovely Erotic Romance Reader (Janna). Today, it's my turn. Welcome to the 03 June stop in the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl... And don't forget to visit the lovely Bridget Locke at Reading, Writing, and Life...Oh My! tomorrow for her author letter!

Dear Lisa Kleypas, Lucy Monroe & JB McDonald,

When Kassa first mooted the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl I was hesitant to participate - I couldn't imagine how I would narrow the field to just one author when I have discovered so many. (Well, that and I'm a terrible letter writer.) I quickly came to the conclusion that I couldn't...books touch you in oh so many ways and making such a decision was nigh impossible. After much thought (alright, angst) I narrowed the field to you. Why? Because each of you, in your own way, have touched my life with your books, have led me to change the way I view myself...and have made me feel less alone.

Everyone has baggage...the reasons why it appears and how are as myriad as the stars. Sometimes it announces its arrival with a thunderclap...and other times it slips silently inside and waits, lurking, only becoming apparent when the road grows steeper...and your legs all but unwilling to continue. And it was at such times in my life that your books (Blue-Eyed Devil [Lisa Kleypas], Blackmailed Into Marriage [Lucy Monroe] and By Degrees [JB McDonald]) appeared. Reading a book in which I can relate to a character is rare. But...there I was, on the pages of your books, in black and white. Each of you took an issue often ignored and dealt with it, but there were no quick fixes, no 'true luv' riding in to save the day. Your books steadied me when I was faltering, when I felt that I'd never be able to right those things about me that...feel broken. And yes, what's you've written is fiction, but...the depth of knowledge in your books speaks of long hours of research, and of understanding. They gave me hope, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

orannia x
Edited to add a link to Bridget Locke's letter!


  1. Not such a terrible letter writer at all, hon! In fact, it's a great, touching letter :)
    So, you couldn't choose... *grin*
    I think I've seen your review about By Degrees and it's on my tbr. The other two books/authors I'll definitely check out. It's special to find books that mean so much and can steady you. Good to see that there were no quick fixes and that these books gave you hope. :)

  2. Beautiful letter, orannia. Blue Eyed Devil is definitely a book that stayed with me for a long time. I've read one book by Lucy Monroe, but I'll definitely look up Blackmailed into Marriage. :D

  3. Your letter totally captures why some books and authors really get to us and stay with us. Perfect!

  4. This is a wonderful and very articulate (as well as heart-felt) letter.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us so generously, orannia *hug*

  5. "They gave me hope, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart" Words I'm sure every author wants to hear. Wondrful letter!

  6. Wonderful letter. And great choices, I can see why it was hard to choose just one out of those three.

  7. Lucy Monroe's The Real Deal is one of my all time favorite romances. Great author letter love!

  8. Great letter orannia - I have read all three and it would really be hard to choose only one..

    Hope you got some rest..


  9. I love the books that touch you like that. They mean... everything.

    Awesome letter, Orannia. :)

  10. Awesome letter. Simply great!

    Thank you for participating and choosing such great authors :D. You held up the caboose of this crawl incredibly well.

  11. Janna - thank you. And By Degrees is one amazing book IMHO and yes, no quick fix, which meant so much.

    Hilcia - thank you. Blue-Eyed Devil is one amazing book. It not only touched me, but discussing it enabled me to meet some amazing people online, so I'm doubly grateful.

    Chris - thank you. I know not every book can touch us so deeply (otherwise we'd all be emotional wrecks), so when they do it's nice to take the time to appreciate them :)

    (((azteclady))) - I was aiming for articulate, but because I misread what date my letter was due I ended up writing it between a doctor's appt and dance class and so wasn't sure if I'd hit the mark ;)

    Patti - thank you :) Hopefully the authors don't think I'm completely nuts...*grin*

  12. Lily - thank you. And yes, it was too hard to choose, and that's when I realized that there was one thing that tied those three books together, hence my letter :)

    KB - thank you :) And oh, I haven't read The Real Deal *scribble note of title to find*

    EH - thank you. And you've read all three - WOW! Not many people have read the Lucy Monroe book. Completely blew me away when I read it as I didn't know that I had the same issue as the heroine at the time, I just knew that the book resonated. And yes, too hard to choose :)

    Mandi - thank you. And thank you so much for the Tweet! Very honoured!

    Kris - thank you sweetie. And yup, books like that are keepers. I just need to buy By Degrees in hard copy...but I need to talk to you about that first *grin* How sneaky do I sound?

    You held up the caboose of this crawl incredibly well.

    Kassa - thank you! LOL! I really appreciate the chance to participate and thank you so much for organizing it - you're a star!

  13. "How sneaky do I sound?"

    Very. I'm all aquiver. ;)

  14. Great letter, Orannia. It brought a tear to my eye that these books were able to touch your emotions so deeply and speak to your situation. I'm sure these authors would be pleased to know that they have affected you to such a great extent.

  15. Kris - LOL! Am thinking of suitable bribes ATM so watch this space :)

    Jenre - thank you so much. Hopefully the authors didn't think I was OTT when I emailed them, but I wanted them to know how deeply their books touched me...and how much of a difference they made to me :) I did detail the why in an earlier post entitled Baggage (which actually started out as a rant about a book in which 'true luv' fixed everything).

  16. 3 authors at once?!? Hm, wish I'd thought of that. ;)

  17. A bad letter writer? I think not. You've stated so wonderfully why you appreciate and love these authors and did it very well. Wonderful letter!

  18. Excellent letter Orianna!

    Sorry I'm so late getting by, due to unforeseen circumstances I was off line all last week.

    Beautifully written to 3 wonderful writers - it is so great to read such heartfelt appreciation for so many great authors.

    Thanks for sharing Orianna!

  19. heidenkind - thank you :) Actually, I think I saw someone else do it, so I figured I could too *grin* Plus I was writing about the same thing...sort of :)

    Tracy - thank you :) *hugs*

    Lea - thank you :) And no need to apologise - I so appreciate you stopping by. And these three authors...really made a difference to me!

  20. I know you posted this letter ages ago, but I just wanted to say that Lisa Kleypas earned her stars with me as well with Blue Eyed Devil because of the content, yes... but also because it brought you and I together as friends. xoxo