27 July 2010


On Sunday night I was kind of at a loss as to what to read. I KNOW! There I was looking at the 80 books on my library hold list (and yes I will admit to being an idiot and not looking at either my eBook library on my iPhone or those books sitting in the corner of my room) and I was drawing a blank. A complete blank. Not one book appealed. I did manage to delete six books though that didn't interest me...oh such a sin *grin* I finally settled on Stalking Darkness (Lynn Flewelling) and Temptation Ridge (Robyn Carr)...or whichever arrived at the library first, which was Stalking Darkness.

And all of this got me to thinking. There I was surrounded by books and...I couldn't pick one. It's like the Rime of the Ancient Mariner says:
Water, water, everywhere,
Nor any drop to drink.
It's not the nightmare that haunts readers everywhere - book fail! No sirree! It's just that nothing appealed, even though I wanted to read. Hmm. Maybe it's not apathy but is instead complete and utter indecision. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Edited to add: I wanted to apologise for being AWOL from the online universe of late....and for my lack of blog hopping. RL has been getting in the way, but fingers crossed this has settled and I'm back :)


  1. Yep, I have experienced that phenomenon, the last couple of weeks to be exact. :(
    Luckily it never takes too long, but it's annoying enough to browse through my ebook libary for an hour and end up still not being able to decide what to read next...
    Definitely a bad case of indecision, lol!

  2. Going through it myself. Just finished re-reading some old favs and some short stories. Feeling sort of blah this summer... could be the heat is making it impossible. Hopefully, I'll get out of this funk :)

  3. That happens to me a lot, actually. I think it just comes from having too many choices, then you don't know what to choose!

  4. Janna - so glad it's not me, and that it doesn't last long. And annoyed is exactly how I was feeling towards myself. I was like 'can't you make a decision' - LOL!

    Mariana - sorry to hear it has struck you too. And if it's a humid heat then I can completely understand. Nothing sucks your willpower more than hot and humid. Hope it (the heat and the apathy/indecision) breaks soon!

    heidenkind - exactly! So many choices and not one appealed, which sounds completely ludicrous!