20 July 2010

Hitting The Ceiling

You may have noticed I've been AWOL for the past few days. I haven't been on holiday, I've been...renovating. Yes, my first ever renovation project. (And I'm tempted to call it my last!) The plan was simple - install a ventilation system. First problem - the house is made of concrete blocks. So, I had to have a hole drilled in an internal wall (for a vent). And concrete drillers use water. I was absolutely....packing myself. But, the drillers did a bang up job. It's a lovely looking hole (if one can say that about a hole :) I should take a photo of it actually - document this project for posterity :)

Next was the ceiling. See, one of my roof cavities (where said ventilation system will be installed) has a ceiling, but it shouldn't if I want the heat to come streaming in through the roof. A family friend said I should be able to take the ceiling down myself...with a hammer. So, that's what I attempted to do. If you can, picture me in an enclosed space with ear muffs and safety glasses wielding a hammer. I had a small freak-out about asbestos, but...it's all fine - no asbestos in my ceiling, thank goodness. So, how far did I get? About one-third of the way. The material used for part of the ceiling should (supposedly) never be used for an internal ceiling! It was tough! And while trying to remove an annoying piece of ceiling (it didn't shatter very well and BTW my hammer handle is munted!) I suddenly saw daylight. It seems that part of the ceiling of the roof cavity is also part of an eave. So now I have a new addition - a crack in an eave! And the other two-thirds of the ceiling is an entirely new material that won't smash well with a hammer. So, I'm retiring from this form of building work.
And have I learnt anything from all of this? Yes. I've learnt that each job will take way longer than anticipated. I've also learnt that that where you see one job there will probably be at least two! I don't think I will survive renovating the bathroom! I'm also beginning to wonder whether painting the fence might be beyond me.
So, have you ever renovated anything? And, if so, are you good with your hands? *grin*
Edited to add: I hope to be back visiting everyone tomorrow.


  1. I changed the knobs on the cupboards. :) Anything fancier than that, I hire it done. I am SO unhandy... Good luck with your project!!

  2. See, I wouldn't even know where to start with changing door knobs. I tried adding door stoppers - I had to use a drill. Most have held... I haven't quite decided yet if I'm unhandy or unknowledgeable... Am so going with the 'hire' idea for the rest of the ceiling!

  3. Cabinets or cupboards, not actual doorknobs for doors. It was really easy.

  4. I've never renovated anything. If it's anything like crafts, I would majorly screw it up.

  5. Chris - still in awe :)

    heidenkind - I am atrocious at crafts. Someone suggested today that I hem an old pair of jeans and I blanched. I break sewing machines just by looking at them!

  6. First... stay away from my sewing machines (yes, plural--you don't want to know)

    Second... you can hem anything and everything by hand, you know...

    (and I hate blogger, it ate my earlier comment AGAIN! *sigh*)

    Earlier comment was, basically: you are brave! I won't touch walls or floors or, God forbid!, roofs--I can just imagine the disaster...

  7. Renovation is a horror. I know from experience because we've renovated our complete house. Not a single room stayed the same. We replaced old plumbing and electricity, rebuilt our bathroom, broke down walls, replaced all ceilings and floors, installed a new kitchen in a different part of our house and broke the old one down... You name it, we did it. And now that it's all completed we have plans to move to another city, lol!
    Good luck with your renovation, hon! :)

  8. azteclady - you have my word. No going anywhere near your sewing machines! *grin* As for hemming by hand...I'm very kac-handed. I was never good at suturing either.

    Janna - you...WOW! I'm in awe! All that? I don't think I would cope at all! And now it's perfect you're planning to move? Fingers crossed the move goes well and your new house won't need so much TLC :)