23 July 2010

Making History

Those of you who have read Noel Streatfeild's delightful book Ballet Shoes (or seen the film adaptation[s]) will (hopefully) remember the following quote:
...get our names in the history books, because it's our own, and nobody can say it's because of our grandfathers.
I don't think I will ever be in the history books. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's just...a thing *grin* And what brought all of this on you may ask? Well, I've been thinking about history lately...the history you make ever day. And the history of a family.

Yesterday I had two firsts. I bought my first every pair of ballet shoes!
And I attended my first ever ballet technique class! It was...interesting. I say that because being in a class of ten-year-olds was trickier than I had imagined. Mainly because they played the fool at lot, so I felt the teacher spent almost as much time explaining steps and asking them to calm down as we did dancing. The teacher thinks I might be better with the Advanced class. (Yes, the word Advanced had me freaking, but she said the ability range in this class is huge so I should be fine, especially considering I have been learning Jazz for a number of years. So, Advanced class here I come :)
Today was a reminder of the history we make just by existing. I walked past my old primary school (which I think is the same thing as elementary school and junior high [middle school] in the US) and met one of the current teachers. The school has had a number of recent renovations, including the building of a 14 classroom block. I pointed out to the teacher that the school was over 100 years old (something she didn't know). And then I remembered...I went to that school, my brother went to that school...and his niece, and our aunt, and my maternal grandmother's husband. Four generations. And while that won't got down in the history books I like the continuity.
So, I'm curious, how has history touched you today? (Not sure if I've written this question very well.)
Edited to add: the installation of the ventilation system is part way through. One of the installers is returning tomorrow afternoon to complete the installation.


  1. Nice story and interesting question. I honestly don't know. I guess it hasn't touched me today, nor in a long while either. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

  2. Wow, one day of ballet and you're already moving on to the Advanced class. ;)

    Um. So far, no history, other than my coworker and I trying to remember what the heck we fixed in our code 32 days ago.

  3. Yay you, ballet dancer girl. :)

    History touches me every day. LOL. But in terms of my family's heritage it's more the little things that I surround myself with. Like the ring on my finger that combines the wedding rings of four generations of my mother's family or the pot that my Pop - my Dad's dad - used for his dripping. The dripping is obviously not in it any more, but is these smaller types of objects which remind me that there is more than just me to this world. It is a comfort.

  4. Yesterday was my last day at work.

  5. Janna - thank you. My family doesn't usually inspire anything positive (I know that sounds bad) so this was kind of nice :)

    Chris - the move is because the teacher would prefer me to be with a group more my age...or closer anyway. Nothing to do with expertise I can assure you *grin*

    Kris - that's lovely! And I have some items like that too - including two wooden chairs from the family farm that are at least 80 years old. You have that connection. I so need to start scanning in the family photos - they are priceless!

    heidenkind - really? YAH! *happy dance for heidenkind* You must be thrilled? Definitely a day for the history books IMHO!

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  7. Wow look at you go! Already in the advanced class. And yes a class of 10 year olds would be crazy!

    I don't think history touched me at all today - but I still have many more hours in the day! :)

  8. I hope you have a blast in the advanced class, orannia!

    Ooh, ballet shoes. I haven't taken dance classes since I was a little girl (mostly Mexican folklorico dancing) but I still remember my ballet shoes. There's something so special about wearing those and tap shoes.

    Not much for history today, though it's been so long since I've blog hopped, that it's feeling historical! *g*

  9. Tracy - thank you :) I think it's more because the teacher thinks I look weird in a class of ten year olds :)

    Thank you Renee! I was all squee over my ballet shoes! Oh, and I do like the sound of Mexican folkorico dancing! And YAH for blog hopping!