13 July 2010

Pulling A Tale

Sock puppets! Why? Well, this story starts...and ends...with socks... As to why I am telling this tale...I don't know. But in pulling the answer to a simply question - Where are your socks? - out from a family member I felt like I was involved in a game of 20 questions...or as I used to call it - Animal, Vegetable or Mineral.

I picked up said family member of Deja Vu fame to visit another family member on Saturday morning. Said family member had no socks on. So I asked why. It is very cold here ATM - it was 5 degrees Celsius at this morning - and I knew said family member was getting over a cold...and as every ailment is amplified and discussed I thought this was strange. But I had forgotten the first rule when dealing with this family member...any answer given can not be taken at face value. I don't mean that in a bad way. It's just what is. The answer I was given to my question about the whereabouts of the socks was that the family member had decided not to wear any (as it wasn't cold). Cue suspicious music. Remember the temperature...and said family member's cold? More questions followed. Eventually I was informed that all socks were in the wash. Hmmm. This hasn't happened (to my knowledge before). Yet more questions were asked. And then I was informed that socks had been worn that morning but were in the wash because they were wet. And why were they wet? Well, someone had thrown water over said family member...well, her legs. And so she had thrown water back.

A discussion then ensued about the rightness or otherwise in throwing water at someone when they had upset you. I had to explain that even though someone had upset said family member and thrown water, that did not mean that said family member could thrown water back. Someone else being 'naughty' did not mean she could be naughty. I'm not sure how well I did explaining that. I did not yell or shout or use bad language. I had to repeatedly explain I was not angry, just disappointed. However, as long as it did not happen again, and said family member walked away from future...confrontations, we would move on.

Oh, and the story doesn't end there. While I hope no further incidents of the liquid persuasion occur, I thought it might be a good idea to provide additional supplies (no, not of water!). So, we detoured and went sock shopping. The staff in the store were in hysterics as I had to keep explaining why we were buying men's socks. (Woman's socks just aren't thick enough or long enough IMHO, and since I wear men's socks I didn't think that would be a problem. In the end I explained the socks were for both men and women and said family member was happy to select an appropriate number.) And so on Sunday night I labelled nine pairs of socks! My new labelling tape & pen even came with a stencil...

I did discuss the situation with the residential care facility's nursing staff and we (said family member and I) apologised. And all was settled. Except...I don't know if I handled the situation correctly. Getting the story (and whether that was the whole story or said family member's 'interpretation' I don't know) was a struggle. Whether what I said will prevent it from happening again? I don't know. Said family member didn't come with a rule book. Sometime I wish she did, but humans, in all their shapes and sizes, don't come with instruction manuals. All I do is try and remain calm and explain things simply.

So, do you have any unusual tales from your weekend? Any interesting tales involving socks?


  1. You have such patience!

    My weekend was singularly uneventful, other than getting my passport photo taken (the renewal fees went up today, so I was inspired) - and I got rained on while I was walking over to get the photo taken. I'm not sure my passport photo could look more like a mug shot if it was an actualy mug shot...

  2. I don't know if I have enough patience. All I know is after a morning 'organizing' family members I feel like I'm going insane...and I'd be into the alcohol...if I actually drank it that is :)

    The Passport Office here just put up the fees...and halved the time the passport is valid. But they can do what they want because...they issue passports! I just had a photo done (I have to update my passport too) but...I want it taken again. I look like a criminal. Then again, with all the rules - no hair on face, hair behind ears, no smiling...I don't think anyone can look good...even a supermodel! But you've reminded me I need to get on to that!

  3. Um, my photo looks like I'm a criminal and so does yours, taken in different countries - I'm thinking it's a passport photo requirement. :)

    Hey, I got a great veri word: resting. Probably we should obey the veri word, huh? :)

  4. LOL! I definitely think that's a requirement. Ahhh, rest. Dreams are free, yes?

  5. I worked during my weekend. Hip hip hooray.

    So why don't you buy women's socks? There are nice women's socks! They have flowers on them and stuff.

  6. heidenkind - you worked during your weekend? Oh :( The wonen's socks here aren't as thick, which is why I went to the men's socks. But...good call. My family member would like socks with flowers, etc. Hmm. Next time!