01 August 2010

Books 2010: July Update

Total to date: 77 books (12 books this month: manga [seven books]; m/m romance [one book]; urban fantasy [two books]; young adult [two books])

The 2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge total to date: 28 books (four books this month) [Over halfway!]

The 2010 Big Book Challenge total to date: one book (Not Kushiel's Dart (Jacqueline Carey) - but watch this space!]

The M/M Romance Challenge 2010 total to date: 13 books (one book this month)

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.

Favourite book of the month?

* Cheating Chance (James Buchanan) [Nicky & Brandon are...words fail me!]

Currently reading:
* The Curse of the Mistrwaith (Janny Wurts)
* Stalking Darkness (Lynn Flewelling)
And the book I'm most looking forward to reading next month:

* Sea Grass (Maria V Snyder)

So, what did you read last month?


  1. Oh, I am so glad that you loved Nicky and Brandon!! Besides the two remaining books in the series, there are some free shorts at James's site, plus there are short stories in Toy Box: Handcuffs and Toy Box: Rope (out of print).

  2. There are free shorts too? *rubs hands with glee* Thank you Chris!!!! I have bought Inland Empire, but haven't started it yet - one should not try and read two complicated fantasy books at the same time! Hopefully next week I can crack it open ;)

  3. Yay! I'm also really glad you liked Cheating Chance. I know Inland Empire will get you even more hooked! :-)

  4. I'm so glad you loved Cheating Chance, I did too! I have Inland Empire in my TBR and will be getting to it soon. :) And, yay... I read one book for my Big Book Challenge too... although it was the Jacqueline Carey book either, lol!

  5. Nicky and Brandon are fantastic aren't they? Inland Empire is just as great (or maybe better ;) ).

    I didn't read as much as I'd have liked to, but my favorites were Life After Joe (Harper Fox) and Making Promises (Amy Lane); really great books.

    I still have to read Santa Olivia... I think I'll tackle next, but we'll see. I've started The Virtu and sucked right in by Felix and Mildmay :)

  6. Chris - *beams*

    Renee - is it possible to become even more hooked on Nicky & Brandon? Hmmm. Am ~30 pages from the end of my next set of chapters of The Curse of the Mistwraith, and then have another 300 pages of Stalking Darkness. Perhaps if I read diligently (when do I not :) I can sneak Inland Empire in before another library book....sneak? Hmmmm!

    Hilcia - you have Inland Empire to read too? Ohhhhh!

    Mariana - Inland Empire is better than Cheating Chance? *rearranges weekend plans* I so want to read Making Promises! Oh, and you're reading The Virtu? *happy dance* I think that is probably my favourite book of the series. It just...please keep me posted on your thoughts?

  7. Hey! I really enjoyed Inland Empire... lots of action and emotion. Hope you like it as much :)

    The Virtu is great, but I am getting a bit frustrated with Felix and feeling lots of sympathy for Mildmay ;) Still love them both though (and as frustrated as I am for Felix, he tugs at my heart). I'm about have done now... should update Goodreads :)

  8. Yes! As good as Cheating Chance is, IE really takes their relationship to the next level, and there's a lot of insight into Brandon's character. Great stuff! ;-)

  9. Mariana - you're so not helping me resist it *grin* Am trying to remember back to The Virtu and where both Felix and Mildmay were at then. Which reminds me, I MUST write my review of Corambis! So glad you're enjoying the book.

    Renee - you're as bad as Mariana with the tempting :) Must read Stalking Darkness faster, which isn't difficult as it's becoming very exciting!