08 August 2010


After what feels like weeks of (im)patient waiting, Amazon has finally updated its catalogue!! I have therefore been able to pre-order two books that I have been desperate to read for what feels like forever. Which books are these I hear you ask?

Lord of the White Hell Books I & II!
Aren't the covers so pretty? Thanks to the wonderfully sweet and lovely Christine from The Happily Ever After, who awarded me not one but two Amazon gift vouchers earlier this year, I pre-ordered both books yesterday! And well, yes, I will be waiting until October (not sure exactly when) for delivery, but...they are coming! *happy dance*

I also went a little mad and ordered five, yes, five books from The Book Depository at the end of last week. See, I had this epiphany. Five years after leaving the UK I still have a bank account there...and it has money in it! Not a lot, but it is in pounds. And The Book Depository's prices look rather good when you're buying in pounds and the postage is free! I was saving the money in case I went back - and I do hope to go back at some point - but I don't know when so I've decided to use the money for books! And so I bought:

* Flesh and Spirit (Carol Berg) [fantasy]

* Breath and Bone (Carol Berg) [fantasy]

* Ai No Kusabi the Space Between: Destiny (Rieko Yoshihara) [yaoi novel]

* Quis Custodiet (Manna Francis) [m/m]

* First Against the Wall (Manna Francis) [m/m]

So, I'll be lurking around the postbox for the next little while. So, what book(s) are you desperate to read ATM?


  1. Oh, I've got LotWH 1 & 2 pre-ordered at Blind Eye Books for a combo discount. I was told bk one would be shipped in August en part 2 in September :) I've been glamoring for these books for quite a while now!

    Another book I'm desperate for is Kresley Cole's Demon From The Dark...I can't wait to enter the IAD series again :D

  2. Oh, I'm so glad you liked the Carol Berg books enough to order them. Which of her other books do you think you'll read next?

    And regarding Lord of the White Hell, you are in for a treat!

  3. Fun!! You have good mail to look forward to. :)

  4. *grins* - I've got 3 series that are really calling me at the moment: the next two Kushiel ones (yep - finished another big book while I was away); the next SM Stirling book (Sword of the Lady); and the next Meljean Brook Guardians book.

    I don't know which I want to read most urgently - and so, of course (in true Starfire style), I'm reading none of the above, and getting something off Mt TBR instead!

  5. I don't think I'm desperate to read ANY book atm. Sad. :(

  6. Leotine - *happy dance* I dithered about purchasing the books directly from Blind Eye Books, but...I had the Amazon vouchers (thanks to Christine) so I decided to put them to good use. The downside is they will no doubt ship together. Oh, just realised - the first book should be on it's way to you in a week!

    Kristen - I loved the Lighthouse duology! It so worked for me, and they are definitely keepers! I think I'll go for Transformation next, as I remember you recommending it :)

    Chris - yes! Good mail is a-comin' *grin*

  7. starfirenz - welcome back kechara! I still have Kushiel's Dart to read...I'll get there before the end of the year because I can't not complete my own challenge. And I'm glad you're enjoying the Guardian series :)

    heidenkind - no? *hugs* All I can think of is 'If you build it, he will come'. Not quite sure how that applies to books though :) Hang in there!

  8. Having been caught up (kind of like in a stranglehold around the neck) by The Curse of the Mistwraith I'm now hanging out for my copy of The Ships of Merior to arrive. I had a note today that it had shipped (from the UK I believe for all that I ordered it from the Whitcoulls website) so now I just have to wait for it to arrive.

    I want to madly order all the books in the series in one go and have them to gloat over and caress, but that is just too expensive, so I have sworn I will order them one by one.

    Otherwise, the books I'm most keen to get this year are Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold and The Bards of Bone Plain by Patricia A. McKillip. Sadly they aren't going until published until November and December respectively.

  9. Kerry - a stranglehold in a good way? Can a stranglehold be good? So glad you're enjoying the series! I am, although I am having to psych myself up for the next few chapters... And YAH for pretty books at the end of the year. It's like early Xmas presents :)

  10. I am currently waiting impatiently for volume 3 of Moyasimon, a manga about an agricultural student who can talk to bacteria (it's brilliant! okay, also deeply weird). V2 only just came out, so it may be a long wait.

    Bookwise, Lois McMaster Bujold's Cryoburn (next Miles novel) has been released as an ebook ARC, although the hard copy isn't due out until November. I am torn between waiting until then and buying it now (at which point I shall probably discover that there are geographic restrictions and I can't get it anyway). I do think it's an interesting decision by the publisher to do it that way, tho'.

    (and I just saw Kerry's comment! Do you want the link for the ARC? It's at http://www.webscription.net/p-1289-cryoburn-arc.aspx , if you want to try it...)

  11. cyphomandra ~ Cryoburn is out with Baen, so there are no geographic restrictions and no DRM. I love Baen; I wish they published more of my favourite authors. But they publish three I buy in hardcover (Bujold, Asaro and Lee and Miller) so I can't really complain.

    Yes, I know about the eARC. After a bad experience (long story) I really prefer to wait for the book to be properly published before reading it. Then I know I am getting the closest version to the author's vision (and besides spelling and grammar errors drive me batty so don't want to risk being distracted from the story by them). Thanks for thinking of me though.

    The other great thing about Baen is that they release the ebook the same day (sometimes a few days before) as the hardcover and for US$6. It's a clever strategy as, if it's one of my keeper authors as above, I promptly buy the book twice. A hardcover for my collection and an ebook for easy reading.

    Did I say I love Baen?

  12. orannia ~ Oh yes, strangled in a totally good way. Of the "won't let me go" kind.

  13. I'm just desperate to read. *sigh* I'm in a wee bit of a slump at the moment.

  14. Kerry - I now have a) no willpower and b) Cryoburn on my iPod! Now I just have to get round to finishing it before my best friend does...

    And Orannia - back on topic, I have just discovered that a new Jilly Cooper (Jump!, exclamation mark attached to book) comes out next month. I haven't liked her last two anywhere as near as much as the earlier ones, but will still devour it unashamedly anyway. And it's about horses again...

  15. cyphomandra - a manga about an agricultural student who can talk to bacteria? Hmmmm. And there is a new Jilly Cooper book? A Rupert Campbell-Black book? (she says hopefully :)

    Kerry - I'm so with you there!

    (((Kris))) I hope you pass through the slump too.

  16. cyphomandra - just checked, and I think it is a Rupert Campbell-Black book! *happy dance*

  17. The first book was SO GOOD and I'm sure the second one will be just as fantastic. Ginn Hale is an autobuy for me from now on.