11 August 2010


According to the Oxford English Dictionary:

Vacillate • verb 1 waver between different opinions or actions. 2 be indecisive: I vacillated between teaching and journalism. Origin: late 16th century (in the sense ‘sway unsteadily’): from Latin vacillat- 'swayed', from the verb vacillare.

Vacillation • noun 1 the inability to decide between different opinions or actions. 2 indecision: the First Minister's vacillation over the affair. 3 state of being unable to do something.

And its obvious from looking at GoodReads that vacillating is what the publishers of Deanna Raybourn's masterful (YUP, that's the word I want to use :) Lady Julia Grey series are currently doing.
Now, I know publishers from different countries decide on different covers. (Yes, UK and USA I'm looking at you!) I know that sometimes publishers decide that the adult version of a book should have a different cover from the non-adult version. (Yes, Bloomsbury I'm looking at you and thinking of the Harry Potter covers. Do you know how many time I had to explain while placing my pre-order for the next Harry Potter book that no, I didn't want the ugly adult cover, and yes, I knew that I was an adult but I still wanted the bright, non-adult cover.) Can't you just pick a cover and stick with it? Especially in this day and age when a reader can sit at their computer and order a book from the other side of the world! Do we need all this variety? I mean the covers for the first two books are just so different! I really, really, really want to buy this series, but until I have a definitive idea of what style of cover the publishers are going with I'm not parting with a penny. And I know I say that it's size that matters, but...if I'm going to buy all of a series in one go I would like to have the covers match. That doesn't seem too much to ask, does it?

So, where do you sit on the covers fence? Do covers need to match?


  1. I wish all books had the same cover!

  2. Um. I guess I'm not very OCD. :) Actually, I'd rather just get everything as an ebook and then I barely think about the cover!

  3. Don't even get me started! You know that I can go on and on and ON about this. Bastard publishers!

  4. Just to make it worse, have you seen the cover for the fourth one? Different title pattern AND different style.


  5. Mandi - me too! Would make life so much easier!

    Chris - LOL! Normally it's the size not the cover that bugs me, but if I'm buying more than one book in a series at the same time...well, it makes sense to have the same covers - no use driving my OCD up the wall *grin*

    Kris - yes! Absolutely. Sometimes I think they know but do it anyway just to drive us crazy!

    *looks at link Kerry sent*

    *heads desk*

    NOOOOO! What are they thinking! Hmm. Maybe I should email them and ask if they are going to re-release the earlier books (since they seem out of print!) If so, I'll wait some more. All they are doing is stopping the sale!

  6. I like the series books on my shelf to match. I'm trying to let that go... but it's very hard to do.

  7. Christine - I think I've got worse as the OCD and raised it's head (I wasn't going to say ugly head but I'm not judging :) I just know that I don't want those first covers!

  8. Actually, having covers that are too matchy matchy is one of my pet peeves. Then there's no way to tell them apart!