16 September 2010

Clearing The Decks

After writing something along the lines of 'clearing the decks' twice this week I decided to do a little digging. According to the Free Dictionary:

Clear the decks 1. Lit. [for everyone] leave the deck of a ship and prepare for action. (A naval expression urging seaman to stow gear and prepare for battle or other action.) An attack is coming. Clear the decks. 2. Fig. get out of the way; get out of this area.

You see, sitting at home grinning at me (the covers are so pretty the books are definitely grinning :) are Lord of the White Hell Books I & II.

When Book I arrived I thought I would dive right in, but then I heard rumours of a cliff-hanger ending, so I decided to hold tight until Book II arrived, which it has. And here's where the 'clearing the decks' phrase pops up. I've heard how amazing these books are and I wanted to dedicate some quality time to them. (Quality time meaning no distractions - chores, people, other books, etc.) I haven't done that for a while - dedicating quality time to reading a book. I tried to do it with the later Harry Potter books - it kind of worked...when family remembered (eventually) that I'd asked not to be disturbed for the weekend.

So, when you're anticipating a book, really anticipating it, do you clear the decks so that you can devote time/space to it? Or do you just read in snatches regardless of what it is?


  1. Overall, I've managed to structure my life so I have regular chunks of time to devote to reading.

  2. I rarely have large chunks of time to read, so I figure I might as well get started on a book without waiting! Plus I'm a pretty moody reader and if I hold off, I might never get around to picking it up again.

  3. Chris - *bows* *tries not to sound desperate* What's your secret? (If you don't mind me asking :) I do think I am the master of my own disaster though *grin*

    heidenkind - I fall into the trap of waiting for a large chunk of time and it not happening, and the book sitting and waiting. (I don't want to count how many time that has happened.) And I'm definitely with you on reading a book when the right mood strikes you.

  4. ARRGGHH! Clicked 'Post Comment' too early. I think I'm just going to break out this weekend and start LOTWH!

  5. I have a small and uncomplicated family and I don't watch tv.

  6. I do both, but mostly read in snatches. When I had to wait for a large chunk of time to read a certain book, I probably wouldn't get to reading it at all. For me the right mood is more important than having some time ahead of me. :)

  7. I do "clear the decks" so to speak for a highly anticipated read, but for me, it's more a mental clearing than clearing specific chunks of time. In other words, I get myself mentally geared towards focusing on the book and reading it so that I'm not distracted by other hobby-ish things like photography, crafts, getting creative in the kitchen or garden, or other books, etc. Does that make sense?

  8. Chris - am sitting here thinking I could cut back on TV...while I am watching TV! *slumps*

    Janna - waiting for the a large chunk of time is my problem ATM...because it never happens! And mood is definitely important.

    Christine - ahhh. A mental clearing. I like that! And yes, it does make sense - very good sense :)