30 September 2010

Press Pause

This post is, to all intents and purposes, an extension of a recent post entitled Three's Company.

In Three's Company, the lovely Chris from Stumbling Over Chaos commented that she tries to read a single book at a time, but if it's long and angsty she reads at least one short and fluffy book in the middle. And this approach is one that the lovely Mariana from Hips Like Mine also takes.

I tend to be very OCD about books...well, about everything *grin* I like to start a book and then finish it before moving on to another. (I know in Three's Company I mentioned reading more than one book at the same time, but that is definitely not the norm.) However, what Chris and Mariana mentioned feels slightly different. It's actively pausing with one book to pick up another rather than juggling two (or more) books at once. And it does feel like more of a pause, as the intention is to go back to the original book once...you've rested/reset your brain, right?

I think it's brilliant. Next week I hope to start Kushiel's Dart, all one million pages of it. (Yes, I exaggerate, but it if my Big Book Challenge book and it feels...ginormous!) And I'm completely petrified. Not just by the size of the book but by the complexity of the writing and the world-building. And then there is my OCD about pronunciation. I need to have a name flow through my head - if I stumble while reading a sentence I have to read the sentence again....and again and again. Did I mention the OCD? (Hope I haven't scared you all with that admission :) And Kushiel's Dart sure has some complicated looking names! So, I think I'm going to reward myself... What is fair? An ebook per 200 pages? Should the ebook be a novella? (And yes this means it will no doubt take me ages to read Kushiel's Dart, but I theoretically have until 31 December to meet my Big Book Challenge (although the book will be due back at the library
in 4 weeks :)

I'm waiting for someone to point out that if I don't want to read Kushiel's Dart no one is forcing me to. And this someone is right :) But...I do want to read it, but...being that it's so big it
feels like it will be a slog *ducks*

So, do you 'press pause' while reading? And is it to reward yourself or just to read something a little different?


  1. Usually it's to keep myself from being overwhelmed - usually by anxiety and/or angst. I actually can't think of any situation in which I've used it as a reward.

  2. Personally, and with very few exceptions, if I can 'pause' and read something else, then the original book didn't really grab me--which, granted, could be due to a mood thing, but increases the odds that I won't give a good grade to the book (if I get off my behind and write a review, that is *sigh*)

  3. That's the only way I got through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell--by taking a break every two weeks to read a short book. Otherwise it never would have happened. :)

  4. LOL, Orannia. I've had my BIG BOOK on "pause" for about two weeks now, and I've read about 13 complete books in between (I still have NOT picked it up again, although I will). And in that respect asteclady's quite correct, I hit a snag and at this point it's not looking good. It has nothing to do with the amount of pages either, I've read books this big in one sitting, soooo... yeah. :(

  5. Chris - when I get anxious I peek... *ducks*

    azteclady - I get that. Sometimes though, I feel I just have to finish a book. And sometimes me being distracted is a me thing and not the book's fault at all. As for reviewing...I still haven't written up a review for Corambis and I read it months ago (and I haven't even decided to review a book since then). Hmm. Maybe I should do it this week while I am on annual leave...

    heidenkind - LOL! See, I started that book and just...couldn't. Even now...nope. I checked and Kushiel's Dart is 901 pages long :(

    Hilcia - LOL! Hmmm. Sorry to hear it's not going well. I just can't concentrate on reading ATM. Or blogging, which is why I've been AWOL. Got myself completely worked up last night over the tomorrow's family visit. I think I just need to get through it and then I might calm down....she says hopefully.

  6. (((orannia)))

    Here's sending good, strong, positive thoughts for tomorrow.