21 September 2010

Three's Company

For those of you who do remember the US TV series Three's Company (originally Man About the House in the UK), I hope I haven't thrust the theme song deep into the recesses of your brain...for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about...be thankful!

Anyway, the reason why the theme of Three's Company sprang into my head is that I am currently reading three books...yes, concurrently. Three fantasy books - The Ships of Merior (Janny Wurts), Traitor's Moon (Lynn Flewelling) and Lord of the White Hell (Ginn Hale). Interestingly I'm in the last 100-150 pages for all three books...

The other reason 'three' is on my brain (a la Sesame Street :) is because I've kind of gone backwards on my healthy eating and exercise plan...and instead of reaching my target weight I'm almost 3 kg (6.6 lb) - 2.9 kg (6.4 lb) to be precise - away from it! I'm not surprised - I've been devouring sugar like it's going out of business. (I'm mixing my metaphors something rotten, aren't I?) My theory is that my body is making up for the lack of sleep by consuming sugar...no idea if my theory is sound, but I'm sticking with it. So, I'm trying to sort the sleeping issues out...I just need to explain to my cat that feeding time at the zoo is not 2.30 AM...or 4 AM or any other AM before 6.30!

So, getting back to the book side of life - are you a one book gal (or guy :) or do you often have more than one book on your plate at a time?


  1. I usually only read one book. If you notice me reading two at once, it is because the first book is not holding my attention and I most likely won't be finishing it ;)

    PS - I love Three's Company...Come and knock on my door...

  2. Carolyn Crane just asked this yesterday, too! I try to read a single book at a time, but if it's long and angsty, I usually need to read at least one short and fluffy book in the middle.

  3. I do one book at a time... I do have books I put on hold to read others. I try to not have DNF books, but I will stop reading one for a while if I'm not in the mood for it. I'll pick it up eventually.

    And totally what Chris said "if it's long and angsty, I usually need to read at least one short and fluffy book in the middle"

    And thanks, I do have the theme song stuck now :p

  4. You probably are consuming more sugar due to lack of sleep. Sugar=instant energy. Also, lack of sleep itself can make your body take on weight. That kitteh would be homeless if it kept coming between me and sleep, personally. I'd be like, "Kitteh, meet boot." *kick*

    ANYway, I only read one book at a time. :P Well, unless you count school books.

  5. If I'm reading an e-book then normally I'll read two books at one time. I read my e-book on my laptop and then when I'm out and about I read my paperback that I keep in my purse.

  6. See Mandi's comment for me too. If I start a second book it generally means I won't be going back to the first.

  7. Mandi/Kris - I used to read multiple books at the same time when I was younger, then I kind of fell into one at a time. The three at once just kind of happened...I don't think I'm a fan to be honest.

    Chris - did she? OOPS! I didn't realize. Bad me. And I like that idea - I have Kushiel's Dart to read next month and perhaps reading an eBook in the middle might help...

    LeeAnn - that's a good idea!

  8. Mariana - I'm sorry. If it helps, that song was stuck in my head for ages...that probably doesn't help actually :) I don't put books on hold..not quite sure why not. I guess I feel like I need a clean break.

    heidenkind - thank you (for confirming my weird thought process). Am working on the sleep thing...sugar intake still bad, but hopefully I can dial it down a bit :) And I think three books at once it well...a crowd *grin* Back to one at a time once I clear these!

  9. ... come and knock on our door.... I'm not going to be able to get that out of my head now.

    I concur with heidenkind... and you are more likely to gain weight if you are not getting enough sleep, preferably 8 hours. I recommend the LoseIt app on your iphone to help you get on track, although it might be a PITA for you because the units are not metric. Gah!

    What is UP with cats and feeding time? It's like their internal clocks are always 30 minutes BEFORE whatever time my alarm is set. I suspect a conspiracy.

    I'm generally a one book girl, but sometimes when I'm between books and not sure what to read next, I will read the first 20-30 pages of two or three different books before I decide which one to stick with.