07 October 2010


I'm alive. But...I currently feel beaten down by everything - does that make sense? I'm also rapidly coming to the conclusion that I am my own worst enemy; I seem pathologically unable to allow myself to relax and just...be.

And as my thoughts are all over the place ATM all I have to say is that I am enjoying the Commonwealth Games coverage. So, what have you been up to?


  1. I too enjoy the common wealth games coverage.
    You can be your best friend and not enemy.

  2. Shalet Jimmy - it's been very exciting so far! And very wise words - I'm working on that :)

    Chris - thank you! (((Chris))) Am feeling better today.

  3. *happy orannia is feeling better dance*

  4. (((orannia)))

    Glad to know you are feeling better today.

    (and I know exactly what you mean, even though the triggers are different, I think)

  5. Chris - thank you. Although...maybe you shouldn't read my latest post. I've just moved stressors :) (I hate receiving an incorrect invoice on a Friday because by the time I ring the party involved they have gone home and I get to worry over it all weekend!) I need a holiday...except I'm just finishing one!

    azteclady - thank you. What irritates me is I had something to sort for a family member this week....even though I am meant to be on holiday. I managed to get it all sorted by yesterday (although I feel like a wreck instead of rested) and texted the family member...and I've received nothing from them. Not a word. But then, they have what they want, so texting me will be an afterthought. GRRRR! Don't know why I am surprised. Sorry. Need to just relax... Hmmm. Need to learn how to relax :)

  6. I seem pathologically unable to allow myself to relax and just...be.

    You are not alone. I think many women struggle with this.

    Hope you're feeling better now..

  7. Thank you Christine. Yes. I think having the cause of the stress sorted as helped, although I think the stress has led to tension, which has upset my wrists :( Hopefully they will settle soon.