24 October 2010

The Hand Thing

I have a thing. A thing that makes me melt (don't worry, I'm not talking about that *grin*) in a gooey kind of way. (Think ice-cream :) And it's all to do with hands, or rather a hand, and where said hand is positioned. Hmmm. A picture is worth a thousand words (and far more interesting that wading through my babble), so I give you North & South (specifically from 2.35 minutes) [Video selected in honour of the lovely KristieJ of Rambling on Romance]. (And I apologise for not embedding the video, but I'm not actually sure how to do that....yet.)

So, did you watch it? When the hero cradles the heroine's head in his hand while kissing her. That is the thing that makes me melt. If I see a kiss like that I'm usually fast becoming a puddle on the floor. I think it's seeing all the implicit power and strength in the hero's hand directed into such a tender gesture.

So, what things make you melt (visually or in the printed page)?

Edited to add: Kristie - the lovely Richard Armitage is going to be in The Hobbit (as Thorin Oakenshield [leader of the Company of Dwarves]) and, if the filming is still happening here *crossing fingers* will be coming to New Zealand!


  1. Have you ever watched First Knight? There's a scene where Richard Gere kisses Julia Ormond that melts me into a puddle, every time I watch it. There's such a sense of desperation and sadness mixed in with the passion... *sigh*

  2. I can't quite picture Richard Armitage as a dwarf so I wasn't sure whether or not to be happy he was cast as one in The Hobbit. But I may have to temporarily relocate to New Zealand now. ;)

  3. Um. My mind is totally blank about what might trigger that reaction in me. :)

  4. That's right! You can stalk him now. ;)

  5. azteclady - I have, but not for quite a while... I will have to see if it's on YouTube :) Is there anything not on YouTube?

    Kristen - to be honest, netiher can I. And I know I'm biased, but NZ is gorgeous! *grin*

    Chris - that's OK :) Nothing worse that being put on the spot for favourites. Hope you arrived in SF safe and sound.

    heidenkind - how did you know? *grin*

  6. Oh, you might like this song --


    I need to feel your heartbeat
    So close, it feels like mine
    All mine
    I remember the feeling,
    My hands in your hair
    I remember the feeling
    Of the rhythm we made
    I need to land sometime
    Right next to you
    And feel your heartbeat
    Right next to me

  7. Hmmmmm... mmmmm... Wow.

    I am at work and watched it. That blew my mind!

    Damn that is one hot scene!