17 October 2010

What Ya Watching?

The Commonwealth Games is over for another 4 years *sob sob* so I will have to wait until 2012 (and the London Olympics) before I can re-immerse myself in multi-sport heaven *grin* Can I just say, however, that the final event - the gold-medal netball match between New Zealand and Australia - was a doozy! (And if you have never watched a netball match, you can watch the double extra time here.) I know the teams (and the umpires) can't hear you if you are yelling at your TV, but that sure doesn't stop me from trying, particularly in this match :) Does anyone else yell at their TV while watching sport?

Without sport dominating my week, however, I can get back to my eclectic TV watching... In between the gymnastics and swimming (among other events) I finished watching Season 2 of Fringe. All I have to say is: Bring on Season 3!!! Glee has also started (I think Glee is one of those shows you either love or hate - who apart from me is hanging out for the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode?) as has Stargate Universe (which is far more character orientated that the previous franchises - YAH!) And the DVDs of Season 2 of Supernatural and Season 3 of Criminal Minds also lurk. YIKES! I didn't realize I had so many TV shows on the go! And I haven't even counted Project Runway and New Zealand's Next Top Model (yes, the ANTM franchise has reached here :)

So, what ya watching?


  1. I'm watching baseball. My team made it to the playoffs and I'm totally immersed in end-of-season baseball... I'm a sports geek at heart. :)

    Never heard of netball! Derived from basketball... interesting.

  2. I got HBO free for three months and they're currently replaying season 3 of True Blood. YAY!!!! It is SO. GOOD!

  3. Chris - LOL! Sometimes I think I could cull a TV series, and then another pops up! A very lovely person is going to lend me Queer As Folk - YAH! I'm finally going to be able to see it!

    Hilcia - baseball isn't really screened here, but I don't have pay-per-view TV so maybe that's why. All the best for your team in the playoffs! And netball is a great sport, although if you watch the video you'll realize that it's not exactly a non-contact sport :)

    heidenkind - YAH!

  4. I'm catching some Castle and Bones online, and waiting for the DVD of the new BBC show Sherlock to release here (Nov). I'm absolutely in love with the idea of a modern-set Holmes!

  5. Netball looks really fun! To play and to watch. It definitely has a resemblance to basketball, but there are also hints of football, don't you think?

    I don't really watch tv. Unless you count a Disney show or two that I catch with my 11 year old now and then. But usually I'm only half watching... and the other half of me is either falling asleep or doing something on my iphone. ;)

  6. I rarely watch TV with the exception of big sport events. And I also watch the occasional series on DVD, especially Supernatural.
    And uhm, I might also be addicted to the eskimokissproject YouTube channel which 'airs' the German gay couple Deniz and Roman from the soap Alles Was Zählt. :)

    I hope your wrist is alright again.

  7. azteclady - Castle is here, but I haven't been watching it :( It does star the lovely Nathan Fillion, so I must be mad! And a modern-day Sherlock Holmes? Ohhhh :)

    Christine - netball is a fun game, to watch and to play (I've done both :)

    Janna - when you say big sport events...Olympics? World Cups? I have Supernatural Season 2 to watch...and have just discovered Queer as Folk! Oh, I do like the sound of Eskimo Kiss Project. I'm watching Kyle & Oliver (One Life To Live) on YouTube ATM :)