05 November 2010

Almost Heaven

At the beginning of this week my library system, comprising 14 libraries, amalgamated with the six other library systems in the greater city area. So, I now belong to a library system with...wait for it...55 libraries and ~3.5 million library items, including fiction (very important) and non-fiction books...oh, and CDs, DVDs, console games, audio books, foreign language and reference materials, plus 100+ eResources! Now, heaven for me would be being able to walk into a room in my house and pick up whatever book I wanted. *thinks* I don't think I'll ever have a big enough house for that...or enough money *grin* But...this seems pretty close :)

So, when it comes to books, what is your idea of heaven?


  1. Ohhhh, I'm *so* looking forward to checking out all the new stuff from the amalgamated system.

    Hmmmmm... my idea of heaven? Well, I'm not actually attached to reading books in hard copy format, so my ULTIMATE idea of heaven would be to have every single book that's ever published automatically published in e-version as part of the process, and to have no freakin' geographical restrictions on what could be sold where (yes, Fictionwise, I'm looking at *YOU*, even if it isn't technically your fault)

    And then I'd have my own little Sony e-Reader or similar.

    And I'd be a happy, happy, happy little Starfire ;-)

  2. I'm with Starfire on this one. Unlimited access to ebooks would be heavenly! :)

  3. Starfire - yes, having every book available every published availble as an eBook (in whatever format you wanted and with no geographical restrictions) would be...bliss :) Ahhh. For Sony to sell their eReader here...

    Janna - it would, wouldn't it? *drools*

  4. Very, very cool!!

    Um. Heaven would be not having to work so I could read all the time. Sort of related to books, right? :)

  5. Chris - I think so :) And yes, heaven would be not having to work so we had all the time to read :) Definitely related to books IMHO! *grin*

  6. I'm with Chris on the no work thing. ;-)

    I'm SO lucky that my county (Los Angeles) library system is a really large one. While I can't get everything I want, I am constantly surprised at what I can get.

    Give me a comfy chair, some hot tea or diet soda and a book and a I'm happy girl.

    Of course if I really wanted something over the top, I'd go for Neil Gaiman's library.

  7. Renee - wouldn't it be nice :) And I'm constantly amazed atwhat my library has...and now there is even more! And Neil's library... *drools*

  8. Oh lucky you! That's so awesome. I don't know what I'd do without my library system. I will find out though as our local library has decided to go private - bastards! I'll still be a member of the county library, since I still live in the county, but none will really be close by and convenient.

    I can't wait to hear updates on how much you love the selection of your new system!

  9. Tracy - it is awesome! HOld on...your local library is going private? That's...weird. How does that work exactly?

    Christine - me too! *grin*