30 November 2010


I am a creature of habit. Anyone who knows me will be laughing hysterically at that comment, because it is such an understatement it's not funny. Because I am...attached to my schedule, I find it hard to...do something outside the box, even if it is something I have planned. Last week I did just that...I went to a concert. And not just any concert - U2's 360 Degrees Tour!
And it (the music, the special effects...the show) was...mind-blowingly amazing. I still would like to see U2 just with one amplifier though...almost unplugged. Because their music speaks for itself.
So, what was the last and/or best concert you went to?
Computer update: I'm still on a go slow and my service provider is...investigating. So, no YouTube for me until it is sorted. However, I seem to be able to browse, albeit v e r y slowly!


  1. Oh, I'm SO glad you broke from your regularly scheduled life to go to a U2 concert! I saw them years ago for their Joshua Tree tour .. oh geez... 23+ years ago. *insert expletives* here. I cannot be that old... The only comfort is that the band members are even older than me. LOL!

    That U2 concert definitely stands out to me. I saw Coldplay two years ago and thought they were fantastic in concert, too.

  2. Yay for breaking out of the schedule for a concert!! Hmm. I've seen SOOOO many concerts/shows over the years, but two I've seen in the past five years and loved were Cloud Cult and the Mountain Goats.

    I'm glad you can browse a bit at least!

  3. I had no idea of the size rock I must live under.. I have never even heard of those bands, Chris!

  4. Last concert - Leonard Cohen, who was excellent (well over three hours, all the songs I wanted to hear - and he's 76!). Favourite concert - possibly David Bowie, in Wellington a few years back? Terrible, terrible weather, with rain pelting down, and a man on top of the top of the set pushing it off with a broom so it wouldn't start collapsing the plastic covers. Bowie started off in a very professional, done it heaps of times before, manner, and then when he walked out on the catwalk he got soaked. Someone from the crowd threw him a towel, and after that he was a lot more relaxed and a lot more interesting!

    Glad you enjoyed your concert! And Chris - I'm very jealous of you seeing the Mountain Goats. I missed them the only time they were anywhere near me, and it didn't help that I missed them because I had tickets for what turned out to be a very bad play...

  5. cyphomandra: Oh, darn it! :(

    I sound Leonard Cohen in 1993 - that was an amazing show! Saw Neil Young play a solo acoustic show.

  6. I'm not one for crowds, but I can never pass up Juan Luis Guerra. He's a genius of music and lyrics.. love him.

    I tend not to go to concerts though, don't like the noise or the people :) I did get my daughter tickets to Justin Beiber, but my cousin went with her, thankfully.

    Prince is supposed to be in NY this month... I may go depending on ticket price and venue. Love his voice.

  7. Christine - I didn't see The Joshua Tree tour, but I did see When Love Comes To Town. That was my first U2 concert and it blew me away! And the scheduling...I'm glad I went, but the anxiety prior to the concert wasn't fun.

    Chris - there was a lot of dithering beforehand :) And I'm sad to say I've never heard of either Cloud Cult or the Mountain Goats, but I'm glad you enjoyed their concerts!

    Christine - I'm obviously with you under that rock, because me neither :)

  8. cyphomandra - YAH for David Bowie loosening up in the rain :) I can imagine him performing an amazing show!

    Chris - oh, Neil Young? Hmm. I've always wondered what George Michael would be like in concert.

    Mariana - yes, the crowds can be a bit much. Oh, I look forward to hearing whether you go to Prince :)

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed the concert. I didn't go this time as I've seen U2 3 or 4 times plus I'd just had my wisdom teeth removed. I do prefer their earlier music and their less elaborate concerts.

    Best concerts I've been to are: Eagles (mid 90's I think, at Western Springs); amazingly enough Tom Jones at Villa Maria (still got a good voice and I even knew the words to most of the songs even though I was disappointed that he didn't sing Burning Down The House) and Slash from Guns n Roses in New Plymouth.

  10. ShellBell - your wisdom teeth? OUCH! How are you? I do think U2 would be at their best unplugged. Although I loved the concert I missed their emotional intensity. The Eagles would be amazing!