09 November 2010


I've madly expounded on peeking and flitting and...now it's the turn of hesitating. I didn't start out to write a series of...whatever this is...but I guess it has kind of turned into that...somehow :)

This post has come about because I am hesitating (for want of a better word) in reading The Fugitive Prince (Janny Wurts). Janny Wurts is not an author to sugar-coat...well, anything. Her characters go through...hell. She is also, thank goodness, not an author who dismisses hope, so I know that everything isn't going to go pear-shaped. The. End. But, I've reached a point in the book where I just want to skip to the end. The tension has been tightening and tightening with each chapter and everything is about to blow sky high and...I don't know if I have the strength to keep reading :( I'm....afraid of what will happen to the characters and of my reaction to the events to come. And I'm not even talking about the main characters - I was reading a scene this morning in which the characters' names weren't even mentioned...and I was almost in tears. And, what's worse is, I've read this book before. I just didn't discover the layers, the nuances, the first time, which means I wasn't as emotionally invested as I am now.

This is rather different to how I felt while reading Keeping Promise Rock (Amy Lane). I wanted to peek because I didn't know the outcome - with The Fugitive Prince I know the outcome, I'm just not sure if I can successfully make the journey to the end unscathed. But...maybe reading a book unscathed isn't the point? After all, a good book will touch us emotionally, draw us in...

So, have you ever..hesitated while reading a book?


  1. Oh dear. Um. Would taking a break and reading some little short stories about Nicky & Brandon help? I usually have to do that with books that are stressing me out.

  2. I think having some Nicky & Brandon time is a great idea! *beams* I'm going to snuggle down and do just that tonight! And...I'm planning on reading something light next - a historical romance :)

  3. But...maybe reading a book unscathed isn't the point?

    You said it Orannia! I think if I am unscathed by the end of this type of read, then it's not worth it.

  4. Wow! I'm curious! Wow. I actually felt like this with Outlander!! I was so frightened for Jamie and Clair!

  5. I am currently about 60 pages from the end of the second Lord of the White Hell book (it's anniversary day today, so no work). I've been slowing down for the last 100 pages or so and now I'm taking a break because I don't want it to be over! Excellent so far - thanks heaps for lending - and I will have to order my own copies!

  6. Sometimes a book lures us in enough that we convince ourselves to forget the outcome is going to be bad. :)

  7. Hilcia - yes, although sometimes after going through the wringer with a book you want a nice, quiet, calm read :)

    Carolyn - the fear factor is so real, isn't it?

    cyphomandra - you're very welcome! I'm SO glad you are enjoying the books! Ginn Hale is a fantastic writer, isn't she? Finishing the book isn't so good, but on the plus side you have Wicked Gentleman to look forward to *grin*

    heidenkind - yes. I have to say that while I don't mind (much :) going through the wringer while reading a book, I do like a good ending. That's why I'm so glad Janny Wurts doesn't believe in no hope.