15 November 2010

Spring Cleaning

So, yesterday I sat down at my computer to commence a little (late) spring cleaning of my TBR list. *cue scary music* For someone who is rather OCD about, well, everything *grin* my TBR list has become rather messy. (Do I have to turn in my lifelong OCD membership?) You see, every time I read a review at various blogs or on GoodReads and think 'Yes! I want to read that book' I write the title and author on a post-it note. These post-it notes are then placed next to my computer, for eventual transfer to either my library hold list or my written TBR (library or eBook) list. Unfortunately, the post-it notes have been accumulating and accumulating and accumulating...

Therefore, instead of visiting blogs yesterday (apologies for being AWOL) I went through...the majority of the post-it notes (I still have some left - I swear they've been breeding when I wasn't looking) and added them to the relevant TBR list or not, depending on what I thought of each book's premise. What was interesting with this process was how things have changed. I'm currently in a YA 'no fly' zone ATM, so the majority of the YA books listed on various post-it notes were culled. It got me thinking about how a TBR list/pile/tower is in a way a living thing, reflecting our current likes and dislikes. And, yes, maybe I will be kicking myself in a few months when I suddenly go on a YA bender and have none listed in my TBR list, but...it seems silly to keep listing books that don't currently interest me. Doesn't it?

So, do you revise your TBR list/pile/tower regularly and, if so, do books fall by the wayside depending on which genres you are currently enjoying and which you are not?


  1. Allow me to direct you to Evernote - it's free for the level of use you're likely to have. It has clients for Windows, Mac, iPhone, etc. When you have installed (along with the browser client), you can right-click on book information (text & pictures) and select "Send to EverNote", which will add the selected text. Then you can go into EverNote and tag the new note, move it to a specific folder, etc. It's how I keep track of all the book covers for the Misadventures, plus the books that catch my eye on people's blogs.

  2. I have a HUGE pile 400+ and I add to it so it never shrinks. I do go through reading spurts though... however, it never affects my pile. Mainly b/c I only get rid of books I've read and didn't like. Otherwise I try to just search for a book that might interest me. Recently I've been burned out on UF books so I'm really glad I have a ton of historical romances waiting. Here pretty soon I'll be burned out on HR and will super glad my UF books are there.

  3. I can't even think about what books to add to my TBR right now; I'm just happy when I get to read. =/

  4. Chris - introducing an OCD person like me to Evernote is like waving a red flag at a bull! *grin* I'm looking forward to investigating it 0 thank you!

    Sarai - I do the same thing WRT burn-out. ATM I'm burnt out on UF and am almost there with YA. And so it makes a difference to have books in other genres on standby :)

    heidenkind - time in short supply ATM? I hope you find some time to read soon!

  5. Ummm, you're welcome?! :) Seriously, I love it. You even get an email address that allows you to email stuff into your Evernote account.

  6. This is why I love to keep track of my TBR and wish list piles of books online with a virtual bookshelf like Shelfari or Goodreads. It doesn't clutter up any real life space!

    As far as real TBR ... as in actual books I own and keep on shelves or in boxes... I don't usually weed those out. I like to think that someday I will actually read the books I own. Don't laugh. :p

    As for the wish list of books, or books I want to read from the library? ... those I revamp every now and then... maybe a few times a year when I lose interest or change my mind or whatnot.

    I used to add an entire series to my wish list when I became interested in maybe reading it. Now I just add the first book to the series to the list and then wait until I read that one before adding the rest of the series to the list. It helps keep those lists manageable I guess.

    Oooo I think I have Evernote on my iPhone...

  7. Every once in a while I go through and remove books from the wish list that I'm no longer interested in. I have found that sometimes I hear something about one of those books soon after getting rid of it that makes me add it back, though. Recently, I got rid of most of the urban fantasy I had on my wish list. There were a couple that sounded different enough that I was still interested in reading them, but for the most part I'm tired of it unless it's by an author I really like.

    I'm like Christine when it comes to the real TBR... Those do not get weeded out since I got that book for a reason and like to think that someday I will read it.

  8. Erm, I buy what I want immediately and then read it either straight away or when I'm in the mood for it. Wish lists, tbb lists, etc are not for me. It's tbr or die. :P

  9. Chris - LOL!

    Christine - WRT series I do the same thing. I add the first book and then if I enjoy it add the second. I only ever have one series book at a time on my TBR...prevents clogging :) And I don't know why I don't use GoodReads. Maybe because I spring clean my TBR list so often!

    Kristen - I think a good 'spring clean' helps. And I did the same thing with my UF earlier this year...actually it's scary how many series I've stopped reading this year.

    It's tbr or die. :P

    Kris - I love it!

  10. Yes, I clean the to-buy list every now and then. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I was thinking adding this or that book to it, lol! My tbr exists only of books that I already bought, so no point for a 'spring clean' there ;)

    Btw Chris directed me to Evernote before and it's working wonderful, because it can be used on the computer, laptop, phone and ipad - it synchronizes neatly, as long as you have an internet connection to get to your latest updates. I can highly recommend it. :D

  11. Janna - I too wonder what at times what I was thinking when I see certain books included. And thank you for seconding Evernote. I am going to investigate thoroughly this weekend :)