18 November 2010

This Week

Earlier this week I discovered that Sony had FINALLY (apologies for the yelling, but it really has taken them far too long IMHO) released the Sony eReader in New Zealand. Only in black and silver mind....I mean why have a lovely brochure with lots of different colours of eReader but limit the actual colour choices available to two? 'You can have any colour as long as it's black!' My lovely friend, the very talented Meredith Shayne, lent me her Sony eReader (thank you Meredith!) so I could see what I thought. However, I think I prefer my iPhone. *ducks* I know! All the ranting about it not being available...it becomes available and I don't like it. Actually, I sort of did. The downside is that the touch option isn't very responsive and the buttons hard to push...not a good combination with my wrists as weak as they are... It is exciting though that Kindle, Kobo and the Sony eReader are now available here...just wish those pesky geographical restrictions would go away!

Last week while reading a post by the lovely Katiebabs from Babbling About Books, And More entitled Amazon's Top 10 of 2010 and RT Nominations I discovered Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake (Sarah MacLean). Katiebabs loved it:
Rules has one of the best wallflower ugly duckling heroines I ever read. Also verra steamy as well.
And this was echoed in the comments. Now, the wallflower ugly duckling heroine calls to me. I'm always...let's be honest here...whining about wanting more of this type of heroine. Wanting more of a heroine that I can relate to :) So, I threw caution (and my TBR list :) to the wind and borrowed it from the library. And I love it! The scary thing is...sometimes you get what you wish for. And I almost relate to the heroine too well...this morning the book made me cry:
She did not want to be that woman - the one of whom they spoke. She had never planned to be that woman. Somehow, it had happened, however...somehow she had lost her way and, without realizing it, she had chosen this staid, boring life instead of a different, more adventurous one.
I am so loving this book!

So, what's been happening in your world this week?


  1. Geographical restrictions suck, I agree!
    I have a Sony 600 (Touch) and prefer it over reading on the iphone, but I must admit that since hubs got me an ipad the Sony probably feels very neglected. ;) Reading on the ipad is so much more 'beautiful'. And very important for me is that it's alot quicker to put books on there than it is with the tortoise Sony...

  2. Oh too bad about the Sony. I have the 505 version, no touch screen; but they don't make them anymore. I LOVE it. My daughter has the earlier 300 (no touch screen either). I don't know why they just don't start producing the 505 again...I think it's perfection ;) I was contemplating the iPad, but costs and practicality (sp?) have steered me away.

    I'll have to get this book... sounds good.

    This week has seen the continuation of hell. Thankfully, I think we have the bus bullying thing toned down lots. But my sweet and beautiful daughter has become the moodiest, most sensitive half-woman ever! We'll need counselling by the end of the month I think O_o.

    Reading wise, I've been sort of feeling uninspired. I'm re-reading a lot, but nothing new is prompting me to read. I'm hoping once this project at work is implemented the blah's go away. I'm not as down is I've made it sound, lots of stuff going on.

  3. Janna - interesting that the Sony trumps the iPhone but that the iPad trumps the Sony :) I have seen an iPad, but not played with one...do you find it rather big to carry around at all? I love how compact the iPhone is.

    Mariana - am so sorry to hear things are not good :( I'm glad to hear that the bus bullying has toned down, but...so sorry your daughter has had to experience this. I hope she is feeling more herself soon and that your reading perks up (and the work project finishes). Re-reading is good though :)

  4. The iPad's REALLY heavy for use as an ereader. (I have to spare my wrists, too.) What I have is basically the same as a Kobo, but under a different brand - and it's maybe 3 oz without the case on it.

  5. Well, Chris is right, the iPad is rather heavy and big in comparison. But I mainly use it in bed and let it rest on a pillow or some propped up blankets and the browsing goes much easier with the iPad than with the Sony. Also handy is the connection to the internet, for example to look something up on Goodreads...

  6. Who doesn't enjoy romancing rakes? ;)

  7. Chris - I wondered if it (the iPad) was (heavy). ATM I think I'm going to stick with the iPhone...plus I think it would be rather silly of me to buy a dedicated eReader when the iPhone works well :)

    Janna - ahhhh. Actually, I prop my iPhone up on the bedding as when I first started using it my wrists packed a sad :)

    heidenkind - I'd love to!

  8. I have arthritis, and sometimes my hands are especially troublesome. It really helps to prop my nook, as you said, with a pillow. I also opted for a storage sleeve, rather than a cover, which would add additional weight.

    I LOVE ugly duckling stories, but lately I've been noticing that I need to really understand why the hero is attracted to her, and really buy it. Sometimes, that view into the hero's pov seems lacking.

    I may have to give Rules to Break a go! :-)

  9. I have Rules on my list to read. I've got to crank out some Serious Books first because I've gotten behind. There are about 20 staring me down right now.

    I think I've decided on an iPad instead of a Sony upgrade. It is too heavy to carry about, but the new model next year is supposed to be lighter. We'll see!

  10. Renee - the Nook isn't available here. I think we only got the Sony because so many people went in to the Sony stores and asked about the eReader. Good old internet :)

    I too love ugly duckling stories (although a miraculous transformation to becoming a diamond of the first water is a throwing offence :), and I'm so with you on needing to understand why the hero is attracted to the heroine. I haven't reached that part in Rules yet. Have you read Anne Gracie's The Perfect Rake? My favourite ugly duckling story ever!

    Meoskop - good luck with catching up. I have a pile of library books ATM...I need to do some serious reading too, but have been re-reading favourite scenes this weekend. And I look forward to hearing more about the new model iPad. Hmmm. Maybe Apple can create a smaller version too? *wishful thinking*

  11. I adore ugly duckling heroine or hero stories, too! I think all of us regular people can relate to "ugly duckling" characters from one point of our lives or another. And I say this moments after coming off my longwinded comment about inner and outer beauty in one of your recent posts.. but alas, I blame my parents and mean kids in elementary school for ever making me feel less than beautiful or at least average, for crying out loud. Anyway. I know better now. At age 42. Better late than never, right?

    My doting husband got me the iPad for my birthday back in October and I absolutely LOVE it. I never once thought it was too heavy to hold while reading or browsing the 'net or email, etc.. But maybe that's because I never held or test drove any other reader? I don't know... the iPad screen sure is beautiful. It would be hard to pass it up for a few ounces.. unless of course, you had health issues with regards to holding and operating things with your hands, I guess.

    According to my husband, there is talk about Apple coming out with a smaller sized iPad. So maybe that'll be your solution!