31 December 2010


Frustration is being so lucky as to win not one but two eBooks by an amazing author but be unable to read them because of formatting issues (as in format [square] meet eReader device/program [circle]).

Frustration is also deciding that an eBook won earlier this year that you can't read (please see above frustration) shall be purchased only to discover that said eBook has been released in every format (or at least it feels that way) except for the one required.
And frustration is also realizing that after 2 years of blogging I will have missed my self-imposed number of posts per month :( I like to aim for 10... Then again I could cheat and write two posts tomorrow and just date them 31 December...

So, what frustrates you about eBook formats/devices/programs or...anything?
Edited to add: Frustration is also realizing that even on annual leave finding time to blog-hop seems impossible...and I don't want to let anyone down by not visiting.

30 December 2010

With Intent

That's what I've been doing. Glomming. With. Intent. Or should that be with abandon? *grin* I felt like reading something...different earlier this week so I finally picked up the first book in Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series - Amongst the Living - and fell in love....with Victor Bayne. And after finishing Amongst the Living I picked up Thaw (PsyCop 1.1) then Criss Cross followed by Body and Soul and then Secrets. And now I have started Camp Hell. (I'm meant to be finishing Grand Conspiracy, but I just can't stay away from Victor...and Jacob. But mostly Victor :)

Victor just gets himself into these situations. It's really just the way his brain works. For example, he throws his mobile phone in the refrigerator in order to avoid explaining to Jacob who he was attempting to ring:
I stopped breathing as I wondered if he (Jacob) had a taste for lettuce, and, if so, whether he'd wonder why the romaine was checking its messages.
I could keep quoting...but I'm obsessed a fan *grin*

So, who was the last author you glommed?

Edited to correct spelling - thank you Chris :)

27 December 2010


What is the purpose of a book exactly? Does it exist for enjoyment? For escapism? For learning? Does the answer to this question depend on the book's genre?

I recently (yesterday) finished reading His for the Holidays (anthology)...and I loved it! But reading it got me to thinking about the purpose of an anthology. For example, by the end of Mistletoe at Midnight (LB Gregg) I was asking myself why I hadn't read any of LB Gregg's books before now! And I own one! I honestly didn't want the novella to end, and almost felt...peeved that it did and that I had to read something else. But, finishing Mistletoe at Midnight lead me to Harper Fox's Nine Lights over Edinburgh, which ended up being my favourite of all the novellas. This was the novella that lingered (that still lingers)...had me asking questions...and wanting more. The characters (James and Tobias) were wounded and flawed, two character traits that I love. Their journey was not short or easy...and they still have so far to go. Even now, I still can't see the novella ending where it did. Yes, the ending worked, but *stamps feet* I want...more! Doesn't everyone? *grin*

And then I was struck by the 'why' of anthologies. Their purpose is to introduce readers to unknown authors...or to authors they know but are hesitant to try. Yes, sometimes these novellas are part of a series (am thinking of Burning Up, which contained a Psy-Changeling novella by Nalini Singh) but...anthologies are like a taste test. I'm not sure if this happens where you live, but here, if a company wants to introduce a customer to a product (I'm thinking of a food product), they set up a stall in a supermarket and permit the customer to try the product. And that's what anthologies are in a way. Well, not quite as you purchase anthologies *watches analogy fall apart* but they permit the reader to discover an author they wouldn't have otherwise tried. So will I be reading more stories by Harper Fox? Definitely!

So, what do you think the purpose of an anthology is?

25 December 2010


...you a happy holiday season and all the best for 2011.

The Christmas cards are all written and posted, and the presents all bought and delivered (which is a good thing as it is Christmas Day here). I am now officially on holiday from work...and from the family. And to ensure that the latter occurs I have unplugged my phone. Yes, it sounds like a desperate move, but asking my family to respect my request for space last year didn't work. So this year I decided to be proactive!

And now that I am on holiday...and I have a new modem, which seems to have stabilized by download speed, I'm planning to visit you all profusely. You have been warned *grin*

15 December 2010

Falling Over The Edge Of The World

The world is round, so travellers tell,
And straight though reach the track,
Trudge on, trudge on, 'twill all be well,
The way will guide one back.
A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman.

I haven't...yet. Fallen over the edge of the world that is. I've just been feeling...rather overwhelmed of late. Like a single drop of water buffeted amongst billions in a mighty river. And that is why I have been offline for most of this week...and why I will probably be offline until early next week apart from GoodReads...because the obsessive-compulsive in me has to express herself in some way or she will stage a massive protest). I miss you all and promise to be back with bells on (and with inane comments for your blog posts :) ASAP.

07 December 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Last year I called Bah! Humbug! on Christmas. This year I am going one step further...I am officially labelling the pre-Christmas period a nightmare. Trying to sort Christmas cards and presents for one person (me) is hard enough - but for two other people as well? *heads desk* For a person as OCD as me you'd think I'd have lists galore...not really. I can't seem to concentrate enough to write lists ATM. Hmmm. In an effort to stay sane....OK semi-sane... I think I may just have to deal with what is required for one person at a time and get to me last. Plus, for some weird reason everyone's (OK one family member and me) dental appointments have fallen due in December. Because the one thing you want to be doing at Christmas is going to the dentist!

And that leads me to Christmas traditions...of the book variety. When asked by my family I always ask for a book voucher....and then they usually ignore than and purchase something they think I would like if I was somebody else :) However, saying that, in previous years 'Santa' always left me a romance anthology (usually historical romance) in my stocking. I used to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day snuggled up with the book. Unfortunately, that tradition has...lapsed (for want of a better word with 'Santa's' passing) and I haven't really had the heart to continue it myself. (That and the selections haven't been as good of late). However, this year I've discovered m/m Christmas romance novels...including a m/m Christmas anthology! *bliss*
So, what is driving you nuts in the pre-Christmas period and what are you hoping that Santa will bring you this year?

05 December 2010

Random Facts

I have only been able to watch Alien to the end once...and that was over 5 years ago. I watched it while hiding under a blanket with my feet off the floor (because as everyone knows Aliens [and all scary monsters] lurk under couches...and beds [not so sure about closets myself, but I've heard anecdotal evidence that they do]) and my teddy (Ted E. Bear) close at hand. Not quite sure if Ted was there as protection or a sacrifice.... (That statement no doubt breaks a multitude Teddy ownership laws.)

It drives me completely bat crazy when I am asked if I want to make or change an appointment to a weekday morning. What I really feel like saying instead of a politely worded 'No. Thank you' is 'How do you think I am paying for x, y or z? By working...and since the majority of people work 9-5 you should assume that is where I will be.' I discussed this 'dislike' with the unnamed expert earlier this week...it all comes down to scheduling. I schedule...everything. And even a hint that the schedule may be...disturbed sends me into a blind panic. Why? Because my schedule makes me feel like I have control.

I hate being in the middle of a book and suddenly want to read another one. I'm like a cat: 'Oh, that shiny object is attracting my attention. I wants it!'

I still haven't completely forgiven my father for taping a documentary on surgery instead of the all-important Dynasty royal wedding (the only episode of Dynasty I was permitted to watch) between Amanda Bedford and Prince Michael of Moldavia, the latter being played by the scrumptious Michael Praed of Robin of Sherwood fame. (I am also convinced he was the [unintentional] model for The Last Herald-Mage [Mercedes Lackey] covers by Jodi Lee. What do you think?

Hmmm... *thinks* I wonder if the royal wedding is on YouTube...

My project over the Christmas-New Year period is painting the fence...and I'm going to replace my letterbox. So, now, whenever I drive anywhere I stare at letterboxes (which in itself is weird). I never knew there were so many different types!

So, what random fact about you should I know?

02 December 2010

Books 2010: November Update

Total to date: 113 books (eight books this month: erotic romance [one book]; fantasy [one book]; historical romance [two books]; m/m romance [three book]; yaoi [one book])

The 2010 Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge total to date: 37 books (two books this month) [I have a very strong feeling that I won't complete this challenge before the end of the year]

The 2010 Big Book Challenge total to date: one book (I'm still aiming to read my chosen book - Kushiel's Dart (Jacqueline Carey) - before the end of the year!]

The M/M Romance Challenge 2010 total to date: 21 books (three books this month)

A list of all the books I've read to date (from 01 January 2010) can be found at GoodReads.

Favourite books of the month?

* All or Nothing (James Buchanan)

* Inland Empire (James Buchanan) [What can I say, I adore Nicky & Brandon]

Currently reading:

* Grand Conspiracy (Janny Wurts)

And the books I'm most looking forward to reading this month: Hard Fall (James Buchanan) [Me? A fangirl? Ya think? *grin*]

So, what did you read last month?