15 December 2010

Falling Over The Edge Of The World

The world is round, so travellers tell,
And straight though reach the track,
Trudge on, trudge on, 'twill all be well,
The way will guide one back.
A Shropshire Lad by A.E. Housman.

I haven't...yet. Fallen over the edge of the world that is. I've just been feeling...rather overwhelmed of late. Like a single drop of water buffeted amongst billions in a mighty river. And that is why I have been offline for most of this week...and why I will probably be offline until early next week apart from GoodReads...because the obsessive-compulsive in me has to express herself in some way or she will stage a massive protest). I miss you all and promise to be back with bells on (and with inane comments for your blog posts :) ASAP.


  1. *BIG HUG*

    Have missed you, but I understand.

  2. I understand completely. Hang in there!

  3. Take care of you!

    Absolutely gorgeous photo, though I think I'd feel more than a little overwhelmed if I lived anywhere close.

  4. Understandable! Life tends to overwhelm most of us at this time of year. I react by getting onto the computer and blog hopping when I should be doing other shit. lol It will all get done...eventually. :)

    Take care of yourself!

  5. I am so in the same boat, sweetie! Take time to enjoy your time offline, and gain a little breathing room. (I have to say, it's so much easier to give the advice than to take it, though. ;-) )


  6. Thank you all for your kind thoughts and lovely words. I've survived the lead-up to Christmas, although am feeling completely exhausted, but that's what holidays are for, yes? *grin*