31 December 2010


Frustration is being so lucky as to win not one but two eBooks by an amazing author but be unable to read them because of formatting issues (as in format [square] meet eReader device/program [circle]).

Frustration is also deciding that an eBook won earlier this year that you can't read (please see above frustration) shall be purchased only to discover that said eBook has been released in every format (or at least it feels that way) except for the one required.
And frustration is also realizing that after 2 years of blogging I will have missed my self-imposed number of posts per month :( I like to aim for 10... Then again I could cheat and write two posts tomorrow and just date them 31 December...

So, what frustrates you about eBook formats/devices/programs or...anything?
Edited to add: Frustration is also realizing that even on annual leave finding time to blog-hop seems impossible...and I don't want to let anyone down by not visiting.


  1. Oh, Orannia! That would drive me crazy... your frustration is definitely understandable. :(

  2. Your eReader is circle?

    Maybe if you e-mail the author about it they can mail you a copy or find another format?

  3. If you download Calibre - which is a free library program - you can add your ebooks to it and then convert them to any program you want before uploading them to your device.

    Calibre site: http://calibre-ebook.com/

  4. Hilcia - thank you. On the other side of yesterday I am now calmer.

    Chris - thank you! I get so overwrought at the sillest things sometimes...well, it feels a bit silly now :)

    heidenkind - LOL! Nope. I was trying to use the whole square peg into a round whole analogy...I didn't do it very well :) And I did email the author and he has oh so kindly sent me one of the books in ePub format - he's hunting for the second. He's a complete star IMHO!

    Kris - thank you. I actually have Calibre (although for the most part I have no idea what I'm doing :) but converting PDF to ePub leaves mass formatting errors - hard returns in weird places etc. - and my OCD brain can't handle it. I have found though that PRC to ePub isn't so bad...

  5. Big hugs to you honey! I always complain to publishing house and copy the author. They are usually pretty good about sending a better copy. Hope it works out for you.

    I most certainly get frustrated when the format gets jacked up. I like using Sigil, it's for epub, but I think they have a pdf version as well.

    Wishing you love, happiness, health and wealth in the new year. Peace and blessings :)

  6. Relax.

    Most of those requirements (the blog posts, the blog hopping) are self-imposed. I'm sure no-one here, me included, is going to mind if you take care of yourself first.

    As for the conversion thing. Yes, it's terribly annoying. Mobi to epub is also a good conversion, so if mobipocket files are available, you could try that. If it's driving you totally crazy, email me the one you want to read the most and I'll see what I can do.

  7. What Kerry says--which bears repeating:

    Relax, sweetie.

    Other than finding a workable solution to the conversion problem (and I think Mariana's suggestion is awesome and quite likely to give you the desired results), the rest is stress you don't need.

    We all know how life can get in the way (sometimes to the point of being a wall). We appreciate your visits and comments, but we understand that sometimes it's just not possible.

    May this year bring you peace, health and joy, orannia *hug*

  8. Mariana - thank you. The lovely author whose books I won sent me ePub versions. He's a complete star! Am whizzing through them now - they are completely addictive! I thought I'd be all flat after the PsyCop books, but these are working a treat! Interestingly though, I've been trying to find an ePub version of another eBook I won. Am having discussions with the publisher. Seems they don't 'do' ePub.

    Kerry - *grin* That's the frustrating thing. They are self-imposed. So is this nagging 'I must paint the fence and finish weeding the garden'. Something to talk to the unnamed expert about - this pressure is...not relaxing :) And thank you for the heads up for PRC to ePub conversion. The one book I want to read has a PRC format, so...thank you for the offer but I think I might bite the bullet and purchase it in PRC format :)

  9. azteclady - thank you :) ATM everything I have to do feels like a wall! I think I need to work on...how I view...everything. Oh, well :) A good resolution to start the year I guess?

  10. My biggest frustration with eBooks .. do you really need to ask? ... GEOGRAPHICAL RESTRICTIONS!!!!!

    I find that the eBook content available for New Zealand buyers is extremely limited (from the main NY publishers), hence 100+ lost sales for my favourite authors in 2010. My library has been very busy with my requests for those books I haven't been able to purchase!

    Just to repeat Kerry and azteclady - RELAX!

    FYI .. I have used Sigil as well, a little time consuming but a great way to tidy up when Calibre doesn't convert PDF to ePub to my satisfaction with non-DRM'd eBooks.

  11. ShellBell - it definitely it always worth mentioning the geographical restriction nightmare! And I'll have a look at Sigil. Today has been..slightly better. Have decided to ignore that fence staining until I have the garden sorted...one thing at a time. I just need to post something!