07 December 2010

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Last year I called Bah! Humbug! on Christmas. This year I am going one step further...I am officially labelling the pre-Christmas period a nightmare. Trying to sort Christmas cards and presents for one person (me) is hard enough - but for two other people as well? *heads desk* For a person as OCD as me you'd think I'd have lists galore...not really. I can't seem to concentrate enough to write lists ATM. Hmmm. In an effort to stay sane....OK semi-sane... I think I may just have to deal with what is required for one person at a time and get to me last. Plus, for some weird reason everyone's (OK one family member and me) dental appointments have fallen due in December. Because the one thing you want to be doing at Christmas is going to the dentist!

And that leads me to Christmas traditions...of the book variety. When asked by my family I always ask for a book voucher....and then they usually ignore than and purchase something they think I would like if I was somebody else :) However, saying that, in previous years 'Santa' always left me a romance anthology (usually historical romance) in my stocking. I used to spend Christmas Day and Boxing Day snuggled up with the book. Unfortunately, that tradition has...lapsed (for want of a better word with 'Santa's' passing) and I haven't really had the heart to continue it myself. (That and the selections haven't been as good of late). However, this year I've discovered m/m Christmas romance novels...including a m/m Christmas anthology! *bliss*
So, what is driving you nuts in the pre-Christmas period and what are you hoping that Santa will bring you this year?


  1. Hai...

    I searched every book store, but I did not find Nalini Singh's books. But I am really lucky to get pdfs.Which should I start first?

    Shalet Jimmy

  2. This is the difference between you and me: If I was in your shoes, I'd take care of my stuff first, and then do the other two peoples'. And if I didn't get their stuff done, I'd be like, "Well you probably should have done it yourself, then, shouldn't you?"

    That's how I stay sane. ;)

  3. I can't imagine taking care of stuff for two others. :( *hug*

    Well, I sat on the couch and did all my Christmas shopping yesterday, so now it's just a matter of dealing with boxes as they arrive in the mail. I should probably get started on the cards soonishly... work is just so crazy right now...

    Also, I'm supposed to go to the dentist this month, as are the kitties. I'm thinking it's all going to happen in January. :)

  4. I don't do Christmas cards. I tried for a few years, but somebody always seemed to get left out.

    I haven't bought a single gift yet. I need to get on that. :)

  5. Going to the dentist at xmas time? *cringe*

    Xmas is stressful...I love it..but damn it makes me tired!

  6. I'm with heidenkind... do your stuff first and then do what you can for the others.

    I do the gift buying and stuff for my parents. It's just easier all around. But I am a fiend at making lists, so maybe that takes the stress out. Excel is my friend ;)

    I don't do the cards either. It's such a waste I find. I will respond to one I received, but I don't send out cards myself.

    I don't think I look for holiday books in particular, but I will spend most of my time in bed reading if I can. My daughter and I snuggle up and are just lazy on Christmas. It usually doesn't last all day, as the family has all kinds of plans, but it's a nice way to start the day.

  7. Since a few years I manage to avoid the pre-Christmas stress. I stopped sending cards to all the people I never see during the rest of the year and I just send the rest by email. For the presents goes the same, we don't do them anymore. It's much more important for us to be with the people we love on Christmas than to exchange presents.

    Eek, a visit to the dentist is never fun, but even less in December.

  8. Shalet Jimmy - you were able to get the eBooks? YAH! Ummm. The first book in the Psy-Changeling series is Slave to Sensation. I'd class that as paranormal romance. Or you could try Angel's Blood, which is the first book in this series and is urban fantasy. I guess it's up to you which plot synopsis takes your fancy :) Happy reading! I so look forward to hearing what you think!

    heidenkind - very, very tempted. But...neither of the people concerned can actually do their own Christmas cards/presents. Well, one kind of can, and does, the other...well, the other doesn't care. I do it more for the receivers (if that makes sense :) I just need to be more organized. I let it all overwhelm me.

    Chris - thank you :) Ohhhh. I like the idea of online shopping. I don't have many actual presents to buy, which is good. As for the dentist...I've been and if I talk about it I'll cry.... OMG there go my savings!

  9. Eyre - good luck with the shopping! Am so thinking your take on cards is the way to go next year!

    Mandi - yup, I'm an idiot! Now back from the dentist and....ouch! (And all the dentist did was look...for now :)

    Mariana - normally I'm a list fiend too, but...if my stress is family related I seem to lose the ability to...um....list! (I know list isn't a verb, but it is in this case :) And I'm sorting for family members too, but I always feel less stress when their stuff is sorted.

    Janna - am so tempted to flag both cards and presents next year. It's just draining.

  10. I would like less kleenex use. By a considerable amount. The entire house has been using more than their allotted share of facial tissue. It can't be good for the anyone or thing.

  11. Shalet Jimmy - you're welcome :)

    Meoskop - less Kleenex use? Oh dear. I'm guessing you're all not well? Fingers crossed you're all feeling better soon!