05 December 2010

Random Facts

I have only been able to watch Alien to the end once...and that was over 5 years ago. I watched it while hiding under a blanket with my feet off the floor (because as everyone knows Aliens [and all scary monsters] lurk under couches...and beds [not so sure about closets myself, but I've heard anecdotal evidence that they do]) and my teddy (Ted E. Bear) close at hand. Not quite sure if Ted was there as protection or a sacrifice.... (That statement no doubt breaks a multitude Teddy ownership laws.)

It drives me completely bat crazy when I am asked if I want to make or change an appointment to a weekday morning. What I really feel like saying instead of a politely worded 'No. Thank you' is 'How do you think I am paying for x, y or z? By working...and since the majority of people work 9-5 you should assume that is where I will be.' I discussed this 'dislike' with the unnamed expert earlier this week...it all comes down to scheduling. I schedule...everything. And even a hint that the schedule may be...disturbed sends me into a blind panic. Why? Because my schedule makes me feel like I have control.

I hate being in the middle of a book and suddenly want to read another one. I'm like a cat: 'Oh, that shiny object is attracting my attention. I wants it!'

I still haven't completely forgiven my father for taping a documentary on surgery instead of the all-important Dynasty royal wedding (the only episode of Dynasty I was permitted to watch) between Amanda Bedford and Prince Michael of Moldavia, the latter being played by the scrumptious Michael Praed of Robin of Sherwood fame. (I am also convinced he was the [unintentional] model for The Last Herald-Mage [Mercedes Lackey] covers by Jodi Lee. What do you think?

Hmmm... *thinks* I wonder if the royal wedding is on YouTube...

My project over the Christmas-New Year period is painting the fence...and I'm going to replace my letterbox. So, now, whenever I drive anywhere I stare at letterboxes (which in itself is weird). I never knew there were so many different types!

So, what random fact about you should I know?


  1. Much as I find Michael Praed incredibly yummy (I abolutely loved him as Robin, but also have to admit salivating over his role in Jilly Cooper's Riders), I'm not convinced by your argument.

    You see, somewhere, I have a photo taken by a film camera of a paused music video on the TV (before all this fancy, dancy digital technology you understand) that I have always felt was the model for Vanyel on the book covers. And it's Alice Cooper in the music video for Poison. The video is probably up on You Tube, and I'm hoping the photo is still in an old photo album. I may drag them out tomorrow and see if I can find it, but I certainly won't be doing it tonight.

  2. I can remember the first time I saw Aliens - years ago when it was on TV late one night. I made my mother watch it with me because I didn't want to watch it alone.

    My dentist continually calls to see if I want to change my appointment to an earlier day and time. My response is always no - there are some things that I really need to prepare myself for and going to the dreaded dentist is one of them Plus I have picked a date and time that is convenient for me and one that fits into to my class schedule.

    Count me as another Michael Praed fan - loved him as Robin but must admit to lusting after Marcus Gilbert in Riders rather that Michael Praed. As to the book cover .. I'm undecided. It does look a little like Michael Praed but the cover also reminds of someone else - just can't think who it is right now!

  3. Have you seen this:


  4. I agree with wanting a diff book when in the middle of another one!

    My random fact: I have to put chapstick on as soon as I get in my car. I could put it on five minutes before, but when I sit in the driver's seat, I have to do it again.

  5. I keep forgetting that for you, Christmas/New Year's is in the summer. :) You wouldn't get far painting a fence here at the moment!

    Um. My mind always goes blank when asked questions like that...

  6. I LOVE Aliens (1-4), Signourney Weaver is one of my girl crushes :)

    I don't think I've ever been called to reschedule an appointment.

    Random facts:
    I sometimes forget that I'm 36. I get taken aback when I try to figure out when I did things and it starts adding up to 20+ years O_o

    I don't ever want to own a home; I'm too lazy. But I have wonderful ideas of what I want it to look like (lots of improbable stuff) ;)

    I always to try finish a book, but I'll pause the reading if I'm not enjoying it as much. I've had 3 books on pause for the last year... when do they become DNF?

  7. Hmmm, a random fact about me is I like songs about Cadillacs. I don't really have an interest in an ACTUAL Cadillac, I just like songs about them.

  8. Kerry - I too thought Michael Praed was very yummy as Robin of Sherwood, and I believe he's still yummy :0 But Alice Cooper? As Vanyel? Don't think I'll be convinced until I see the photo :0

    ShellBell - I'm sure I still have a video of Marcus Gilbert starring in Barbara Cartland-adapted movie. I can hunt it down if you'd like? Weirdly, I liked Michael Praed better in Riders (I'd love to see that mini-series again - I adored it), but....eventually (not in Riders but in Rivals) I liked Rupert. Actually...he's a good redeemed villian!

    And the website? YAH!

    Mandi - I'm so glad it's not just me (WRT the book :) Oh! And I do the chapstick thing too! Maybe not straight away, but definitely during the drive. I have a chapstick sitting in the car all the time!

  9. Chris - sorry to put you on question spot! YUP! It's sure warm and dry here ATM. Perfect painting weather. I will have to start posting the temperatures...although that is rather mean when everyone is cold :)

    Mariana - those are sure some great random facts! Hmmmm. WRT when a book is a DNF...I guess it's when you finally decide you will never pick it up again. If you still think you might, then I guess it's a pause?

    heidenkind - that is sure one random fact - I love it! Now all I have in my head is 'Pink Cadillac. Plush velvet seats..' *grin*

  10. Orannia - thanks for the offer but I actually have both of the Barbara Cartland movies Marcus Gilbert starred in on DVD. I also have Riders and Appassionata on DVD if you wanted to borrow them. Unfortunately none of the other books in the series were adapted for TV. Like you I liked how he became a reformed character. Must be time for a reread of Jilly Cooper's series!

  11. Ooops! Not Appassionata but The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous is the other DVD.

  12. ShellBell - Marcus Gilbert was in two Barbara Cartland movies? I'm going to have to work out was the second one was :) OT - I have Hugh Grant (with terribly long hair) in a Charles II Barbara Cartland movie as well. Hilarious! Oh. Must say I am slightly tempted to see Riders...would that be OK? That's very generous. Hold on - let me check and see if the library has it. (It scares me what the library has - oh, it has ordered the latest Foyle's War Season!!!)

  13. Marcus Gilbert was in A Hazard of Hearts with Helena Bonham Carter and A Ghost in Monte Carlo with Lysette Anthony (who was also in the one with Hugh Grant). Just let me know if you want borrow them.

    Must look out for the next season of Foyle's War - love that show!