30 December 2010

With Intent

That's what I've been doing. Glomming. With. Intent. Or should that be with abandon? *grin* I felt like reading something...different earlier this week so I finally picked up the first book in Jordan Castillo Price's PsyCop series - Amongst the Living - and fell in love....with Victor Bayne. And after finishing Amongst the Living I picked up Thaw (PsyCop 1.1) then Criss Cross followed by Body and Soul and then Secrets. And now I have started Camp Hell. (I'm meant to be finishing Grand Conspiracy, but I just can't stay away from Victor...and Jacob. But mostly Victor :)

Victor just gets himself into these situations. It's really just the way his brain works. For example, he throws his mobile phone in the refrigerator in order to avoid explaining to Jacob who he was attempting to ring:
I stopped breathing as I wondered if he (Jacob) had a taste for lettuce, and, if so, whether he'd wonder why the romaine was checking its messages.
I could keep quoting...but I'm obsessed a fan *grin*

So, who was the last author you glommed?

Edited to correct spelling - thank you Chris :)


  1. Do you mean glommed maybe?? :D

    Um. I can't remember who the last one was, but some that I have totally glommed on to were JCP, AM Riley, James Buchanan... *mind goes blank*

  2. *blushes* Ummm...yes I do. I love JCP. And I've also glommed *checks spelling* James Buchanan...and Josh Lanyon's Adrien English series :)

  3. LOL! I kept thinking, "But she loves these books! Why are they glooming her?" ;)

    Oh yeah, the AE series was another. Oh! And congrats on winning the Josh books over at DIK!

  4. The guy on the cover kind of looks like Major Shepard from SG-Atlantis!

  5. Chris - LOL! Thank you! Very excited - now I just have to work out how to read them in PDF format on my iPhone. Having problems with that as I usually read eBooks in ePub format via Stanza.

    heidenkind - OMG! He does too!

  6. I thought that Stanza read pdf?

  7. Well, supposedly it does. Except that when I transferred it (via Stanza Desktop) the formatting is gone! Everything is lumped together :(

  8. This is definitely one those series I plan to hit in 2011... I will be glomming it then, I'm sure. :)

  9. I have an lj post pending about this (distracted by Yuletide!) but while writing my own Yuletide fic I accidentally read about 15 volumes of manga by Takanaga Hinako (two linked series, another short series, assortment of single volumes, all yaoi) and pretty much stopped only once I'd run out of things in translation that weren't high school romances. Oops :)