04 January 2011

The M/M Romance Challenge 2011

Anesthezea of I Heart Paperbacks is hosting The M/M Romance Challenge 2011. The rules are as follows:

1. Details: This challenge is for those who enjoy reading gay romances (also known as m/m or male/male romances) or those who are interested in starting. If you aren't familiar with this genre, it consists of novels and stories where the main focus is the romantic relationship between the male protagonists.

2. You don’t have to select your books ahead of time. Even if you do, you can change your books as you go. Your books can crossover with other challenges.

3. You don’t need a blog to participate and you can join at any time between now and the latter part of 2011.

4. eBooks, hardbacks, paperbacks, audio books, and re-reads are welcome. Comics and manga count as well.

5. You can post the links to your reviews, if you write any, on the Review Post at I Heart Paperbacks (link to follow).

6. There are 5 reading levels to choose from:
- Read 5 M/M Romances
- Read 10 M/M Romances
- Read 15 M/M Romances
- Read 20 M/M Romances
- Read 20+ M/M Romances

7. If you’d like to make your challenge a little more challenging, try any or all of these optional add-ons:
- Read 3 or more books in the same series
- Read 3 or more books with the same theme (Firefighters, Pirates, Friends-to-Lovers, etc)
- Read 1 book that isn't your usual type of read (Cheating Hero, BDSM, Menage, etc)
- If you’re not new to reading m/m romances, go back and re-read the first title you ever read. Do you feel differently about the book now than you did when you first read it?

8. Prizes: Everyone who signs up for the challenge between now and March 31st will be eligible to win a $25 gift card from either Amazon.com or All Romance eBooks/OmniLit. The winner will be randomly chosen using random.org.

Last year (it feels very weird saying that :) I decided to start small, and aimed to read 5 M/M romance novels. I ended up reading 30 novels/novellas! *blushes* Me, a fan of the genre? I think so! So, this year I think I will aim a little....higher *grin* and aim to read 20+ M/M books in 2011! I am also going to consider reading the first m/m book I ever read - Mind F*ck (Manna Francis).

To date I have read the following:
1. Somebody Killed His Editor (Josh Lanyon)
2. All She Wrote (Josh Lanyon)
3. Lord of the White Hell Book II (Ginn Hale)
4. Life After Joe (Harper Fox)
5. Promises (Marie Sexton)
6. Caught Running (Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux)
7. Out of My Mind (ML Rhodes)
8. A Helping Hand (Shayla Kersten)
9. Angel: 1089 (CC Bridges)
10. Boys of Summer (Cooper Davis)
11. One Real Thing (Anah Crow & Dianne Fox)
12. Anchored: Belonging (Rachel Haimowitz)
13. Talker (Amy Lane)
14. Talker's Redemption (Amy Lane)
15. Truth in the Dark (Amy Lane)
16. A to Z (Marie Sexton)
17. The Letter Z (Marie Sexton)
18. Strawberries for Dessert (Marie Sexton)
19. Geography of Murder (PA Brown)
20. The Dark Horse (Josh Lanyon) COMPLETED!
21. Putting Out Fires (Marie Sexton)
22. Lessons in Love (Charlie Cochrane)
23. Rescue Me (Scarlet Blackwell)
24. The Shattered Gate (Ginn Hale)
25. GhosTV (Jordan Castillo Price)
26. Servants of the Crossed Arrows (Ginn Hale)
27. Shades of Gray (Brooke McKinley)
28. Paris A to Z (Marie Sexton)
29. Finding Zach (Rowan Speedwell)
30. Gobsmacked (LB Gregg)
31. Snow Angel (Sharon Maria Bidwell)
32. And So Is Love (Scarlet Blackwell)
33. Snowball in Hell (Josh Lanyon)
34. Carbon & Ash (Chris Owen)
35. Force of Law (Jez Morrow)
36. Black Blades (Ginn Hale)
37. Cut & Run (Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux)
38. Witches' Blood (Ginn Hale)
39. The Archer's Heart (Astrid Amara)
40. Static (LA Witt) [I can't believe I made it to 40!]
41. The Elegant Corpse (AM Riley)
42. Living Promises (Amy Lane)
43. Yearning (Amy Lane)
44. The Alpha Bet (Cassidy Ryan)
45. Bad Company (KA Mitchell)
46. The Holy Road (Ginn Hale)
47. Yakuza Pride (HJ Brues)
48. Bound by Deception (Ava March)
49. Bound to Him (Ava March)
50. Change of Heart (Mary Calmes) [OMG I've reached 50!]
51. Spin Out (James Buchanan)
52. Broken Fortress (Ginn Hale)
53. Come Unto These Yellow Sands (Josh Lanyon)
54. Concubine (Jill Knowles)
55. Sticks & Stones (Madeline Urban)
56. Wanting (Piper Vaughn)
57. Clear Water (Amy Lane)
58. Enemies & Shadows (Ginn Hale)
59. St Nacho's (ZA Maxfield)
60. Gathering Storm (Lyn Gala)
61. Physical Therapy (ZA Maxfield)
62. Urban Shaman (Lyn Gala)
63. In and Out (LB Gregg)
64. Talker's Graduation (Amy Lane)
65. The Silent City (Ginn Hale)
66. Fish & Chips (Madeline Urban)
67. Zero at the Bone (Jane Seville)
68. Trusted Bond (Mary Calmes)
69. The Bastard Prince (Megan Derr)
70. Faith & Fidelity (Tere Michaels)
71. Just Desserts (Scarlet Blackwell)
72. Duty & Devotion (Tere Michaels)
73. Love & Loyalty (Tere Michaels)
74. Crown Jewel (Megan Derr)
75. Camwolf (JL Merrow)
76. Second Helpings (Scarlet Blackwell)
77. The Last Supper (Scarlet Blackwell)
78. The Iron Temple (Ginn Hale)
79. More Than Anything (Shawn Lane)
80. Boats in the Night (Josephine Myles)
81. Renovations 1-3 (Anah Crow)
82. Renovations 4-6 (Anah Crow)
83. Cop Out (KC Burn)
84. Bad Boyfriend (KA Mitchell)
85. Hope & Fears (Rowan Speedwell)
86. His Holy Bones (Ginn Hale)
87. Collared (Kari Gregg)
88. Simple Gifts (LB Gregg)
89. Men Under The Mistletoe (Anthology)
90. More Than Enough (Shawn Lane)
91. Divide & Conquer (Madeline Urban & Abigail Roux)
92. Light Me Up (James Buchanan)
93. Seedy Business (Damon Suede)
94. Grown Men (Damon Suede)


  1. Hey! I unofficially joined the challenge last year... I just analyzed the data and I read 184 MM books last year. I think I'll unofficially join again ;)

  2. Thank you! I'm in a m/m reading zone ATM, so I'm just going to go for it, library books be damned!

  3. Mariana - what a fantastic number of m/m books to have read! That's brilliant. Have you thought about officially joining?

  4. Hmmm .. I think I should enter this challenge. I started reading m/m late in 2009 and read a heap of them last year, over 100 I think. The majority of the stories have been short stories or novellas but have been in a series. I think I'll head over to I Heart Paperbacks tonight and sign up!

  5. ShellBell - yes! Do it! Am so glad that you are enjoying m/m. I really love the genre :)