12 January 2011

The Reflex

OK, this is probably going to sound weird, even for me, but...do you ever succumb to The......Reflex? (And I'll forgive those of you who immediately think of Duran Duran, because I did when I named this phenomenon, hence the video [she says hopefully] for your viewing pleasure).

It's like this....your TBR list/pile/tower is groaning under its own weight, your eyes are starting to look like those of a deer in headlights and you've developed this twitch and starting looking anywhere but at your TBR list/pile/tower. It's there...you know it's there....but you just can't look at it because then you'd have to face the fact that it is a...MONSTER! And that's when The Reflex (yes, it needs capitals :) kicks in. You have to trim it. You just have to! It's a compulsion. So you do...and the trickle becomes a flood!

It happened to me today. I was staring at my library hold list, which totalled 95...and I started sweating. (Or should woman dew? I can never remember.) Anyway, I've been fighting this anti-obsession (I'm not sure what else to call it exactly) with paranormal romance/urban fantasy for a month or two. Plus...I'm also losing the will to live over fantasy, perhaps because the weight of the fantasy series I am currently reading (I'm about to start the fifth book) is starting to wear me down. (In all honesty, even though I've been massively indulging over the Christmas-New Year period, all I feel like reading is m/m romance :) All of this came to a head earlier today, I snapped and The Reflex kicked in...and I began trimming (or should that be hacking?) the library hold list. I started with 95 books...and ended up with 70 books. I snipped off 25 books! Yes, 23! Am I mad? YES! Do I feel relief at submitting to The Reflex? Well, yes? Do I feel guilty for not reading those books? No! (See, I'm learning :) And in reality that 70 is actually 68 as two of my library holds are DVDs. Am I worried about missing out on good books, or regretting my decision. Well, yes. But...those books exist and I can always go back, but as I keep repeating to myself....I should read what I want to read :)

So, have you ever succumbed to The Reflex?

Edited to add: Magic Slays is still on the library hold list, as in Archangel's Consort! I'm insane, not an idiot *grin*


  1. Yup. I did the same thing to my library hold list after I started to read m/m romance near exclusively.

  2. Yes. Sometimes you just have to clear it out for your own sanity. And there's nothing worse than having moved on to another reading obsession while your TBR hasn't caught up yet.

  3. Chris - it's quite liberating, isn't it? Am almost tempted to go a bit further, but cutting ~25% has made a good dent. On the other hand, my eBook TBR list has skyrocketed...owing to certain people... *whistles*

    heidenkind - *nods* Definitely helped my own sanity :) And yes, the TBR need to be up-to-date to reflect your current reading tastes.

  4. I wonder who that could be? :)

  5. "I'm insane, not an idiot"

    Okay, it's official--I'm cross stitching this on something (probably a bookmark, too!)

    And... no, I don't succumb to the reflex. If and when I 'trim' the towering and ever growing book mountain range it's after reading them.

    Which, given the snail-pace reading of the past sever months, explains why it keeps growing even though I'm on a strict budget (read: have bought only two books in two months *sob*)

  6. I love that song! And I do, lots of trimming of books. I go through phases where I don't care, then I have phases where it makes me twitchy ;) But I do find myself getting rid of stuff regularly, only to add a bunch of new ones :) This is why I love Goodreads, I can keep track pretty nicely without actually spending the money.


    That's my new mantra for 2011. ;)
    I actually *do* occasionally trim my "wish-list" TBR. Meaning books or series that I've had on my wish list to either buy or borrow from the library, but with which I've no lost some interest. But usually it's at a similar rate that I add... so the reflex impact is pretty minimal.

    I have a more difficult time parting with books that I already own that are on my TBR.

    Mariana said "... I do, lots of trimming of books."
    My TBR actually grew by leaps and bounds as a result of one of Mariana's "trimmings". Thanks, luv. ^_^


    I don't have that reflex, I just keep buying more books...

  9. Chris - *whistles innocently*

    azteclady - I'm honoured...I think :) It's so scary how the TBR list/pile grows when you're not looking!

    Mariana - I love Duran Duran, but not as much as my cousin who had floor to ceiling posters in her room! And yes, when I trim I add more :)

    Christine - I love your new 2011 mantra! And I hear you on the similar rate of trimming and addition :) And I love that Mariana's trimming resulted in your expansion (in terms of TBR :)

    Nicola - LOL! So your TBR is expanding? *grin*

  10. Sorry that I haven't been around much and that I'm late to this post, but yep, thank goodness I have that reflex every once in a while. ;)
    In my case it's the to-buy list that gets trimmed. Too bad my virtual book piles are still growing more rapidly than I can blink my eyes. *g*

  11. Janna - no apology necessary :) Life...happens. It's scary how easily virtual book lists just....grow, isn't it?