30 January 2011

There Are Days...

...when all I want to do is ignore the whole world and curl up in my bed or on a chair and read.

Saturday was one of those days. Why? Well, I was cleaning the house. (Yes, anything is better than cleaning the house, especially reading, but...unfortunately it [the cleaning] has to be done.) And, when cleaning, the one thing you don't want to do is make more of a mess. Except, that was what I kept doing. First, I dropped a can of Coca Cola, which exploded and went...everywhere. Everywhere being over the fridge and pantry doors, across the kitchen floor, across the dining room carpet and all over the table (over and under it) and chairs. Second, I dropped the bucket of soapy water, luckily onto a wooden floor and not carpet. Third, I managed to spill the water I was pouring. And fourth, my ice-cream scoop (lime) decided to escape my bowl and slide across the clean kitchen floor.

OK, so the escape of the ice-cream scoop (potential movie title perhaps?) is sort of funny, but at that point I felt defeated. Overwhelmed. Like everything has to take the complicated route...like nothing is ever easy. And that's how I feel today. I just have this endless list of things that have to be done, and I can't seem to catch up. I've been enjoying my Amy Lane Weekend, which has morphed into a Marie Sexton Weekend as well, but...now I feel...not guilty, but anxious about all I still have to do before I go to bed (and can read some more). So...even after a long weekend I don't feel relaxed. How does one relax? Perhaps a question for the unnamed expert this week?

So, what was the last thing you dropped? And...how do you balance everything?


  1. Last thing I dropped? At work, I managed to pull the ladle from one soup container to another, mixing soups and ruining close to two gallons of each kind.

    Big mess and terrible feeling of inadequacy--after all, how hard is it to do what I was doing without creating a mess and wasting food?

    I have these moments more often than I would like, but lately (in the last few years) I've come to realize that we all make messes, that accidents of this kind (dropping something, etc) happen to everyone at some point, and that it's not the end of the world as I know it if (when) I mess up.

    Seems obvious? Well, it probably does, but there's a gap between intellectually understanding the obvious and emotionally dealing with it. Every day I work towards moving closer to the latter--and some days, I even succeed.

    Hang in there, orannia! *hug*

  2. Uhg, I've been there. A few days ago I spilled chips and cheese all over the bottom of my oven, and within the next minute knocked over a water glass that shattered on the floor and sent glass and water EVERYWHERE.

    Some days it really doesn't pay to make your own food.

  3. Well, it wasn't dropping, but I found a cat toy where I was likely to slip on it, so I tossed it over my shoulder into the living room - where it landed in fresh cat puke. (Where the hell did the cat puke come from?!?! I mean, I know, but sheesh...)

  4. azteclady - thank you. Sorry to hear about the soup!

    ... but there's a gap between intellectually understanding the obvious and emotionally dealing with it.

    Yes. And when you're feeling flat as a pancake it's just that much harder.

    heidenkind - oh no! I cracked two saucers in one day last week. I hate picking up bits of glass or crockery. I can never be sure I've got it all! I agree - some days I should not get into the kitchen!

    Chris - oh no! The elusive cat puke! And of course, the cat had to land right in it! Sometimes I am sure the world is just having a laugh :)

  5. I dropped a bowl that had some left over chili in it. Not only did it go all over the kitchen after it splattered and the bowl broke but all over my clothes as well. That stuff is not easy to get out! lol So frustrating!

    Sorry about your day on Saturday. When it rains it pours. Hopefully you sat and relaxed that night with a good book to take all the craziness away. :)

    {{Big hug}}

  6. Tracy - oh no! Chilli would be a nightmare to get out of clothes. And thank you. I spent a lot of the weekend reading - Amy Lane then Marie Sexton. Feeling...a little better today :)

  7. Oh gods, I know how those days go! I have this bad habit of dropping glass things full of liquid (jars, bottles, you name it) The last one was a bottle of dark soy sauce - so not only did it shatter into thousands of little shards, but the soy sauce splashed all across the kitchen floor and even managed to stain the carpet around the corner slightly.

    That was not a good day in the Starfireverse :-S

  8. starfire - soy sauce...the dark kind? OK, that's right up there with Coca Cola IMHO!

  9. I resign myself to dropping something icky and sticky on the floor within hours--sometimes minutes-- of washing the floors. It's just one of life's certainties. :/

  10. Christine - it is, isn't it? A new Murphy's Law :)