08 January 2011


At the end of last year I picked up and read Special Delivery (Heidi Cullinan). While I rated this book highly (five stars), it did make me feel...uncomfortable in places.
Special Delivery is the story of Sam...and Mitch, but mostly Sam :) It covers a lot of ground, not just in terms of distance but also in emotional development of the individual characters and their relationship. It was not...an easy book to read. Not with respect to the author's writing style, which was effortless, but in terms of certain choices Sam made throughout the book. Those choices had me in fear of Sam's well-being, both emotional and physical, and left me...uncomfortable. I guess what I'm trying to say is...what works for some people (sexually) doesn't work for others. And what works for Sam, doesn't work for me. But this book allowed me to realize that.
However, saying all of the above doesn't mean that I can't...accept (I'm not sure I'll ever be able to understand as...I'm just not wired that way :) that it works for Sam..and I'm sure for others. Hmmm. I watched a news item earlier this evening on the...'amendment' (if one can call it that) of one particular word in the Mark Twain classic Huckleberry Finn. One person interviewed said that the word should remain because it made people uncomfortable, and without disturbing the the equilibrium there will be no growth. And I think that's how I view Special Delivery.
Finding a book uncomfortable can be a good thing as it allow me to...fill in part of the map that is me. A part of me that was...previously unknown. As in, what I like or don't like. What works for me. If that makes sense? The bottom line is that Special Delivery was a book that really made me think. And I think everyone once in a while it's good to read such books. So, will I be reading the indirect sequel to Special Delivery - Double-Blind? Why yes, I think I will *grin*

So, what was the last book that you read that made you...uncomfortable?


  1. Special Delivery definitely made me uncomfortable, because I was so anxious for Sam. Keeping Promise Rock had me anxious. I know there are plenty of others, but they aren't coming to mind...

  2. I've just finished reading Special Delivery and I completely understand why parts would leave you feeling uncomfortable. There were several points where I worried for Sam's safety in the book and this made me anxious. However, I felt that the author did such a great job of getting into Sam's head that I understood why he needed to do what he did, even though, like you, I wouldn't want to experience that myself :).

    I'm trying to think about which books I've read recently that have made me uncomfortable. As usual my mind goes blank whenever I have to call these things to mind! I think it was Out of the Ashes by RW Day. The story was so bleak that I spent most of the book terrified about what would happen next to these poor characters.

  3. I definitely think upsetting one's equilibrium now and then is a good thing. :)

  4. Chris - Keeping Promise Rock! That was the book tempting me to skip to the end (difficult with an eBook :) just so I could reassure myself Crick would be OK. I don't know how I became so heavily invested...I guess I just fell in love with the characters :)

    Jenre - I agree. The author did a fantastic job of getting into Sam's head and...I guess explaining the 'why' :) I didn't realize until reading it, and reading Marie Sexton's Promises come to think of it, that I needed to be in a character's head so badly. I need to know what they are really thinking...and feeling. I need the emotions! OK, that's a shocking statement...coming from me :) I haven't read any of RW Day's books...yet. IIRC the first is on my TBR list.

    heidenkind - yes. It's....hard, particularly for me as I'm still trying to work out exactly what it is I am feeling. Special Delivery definitely left me feeling uncomfortable, but...having the author get into the character's head made all the difference. And, that upset equilibrium helps us grow :)

  5. I loved this book, but I understand how you felt. I often worry about "what ifs" when reading, and I can really get sucked into a character's anxiety.

  6. Eyre - I so get sucked in. I love getting sucked in...but it is stressful. I was a mess reading Keeping Promise Rock (Amy Lane)

  7. What what? You have me interested if nothing else... spoilers I want spoilers!


  8. sybil - it's a very interesting book. Hmmm. There are some good reviews on GoodReads and I sure they have some spoilers :)