28 February 2011

In Honour of 100 Cookies

Caveat: No cookies (or wolves) were harmed in the creation of this fairy tale.

A long, long time ago, in a town at the edge of a vast sea, there lived a young (OK, so I'm taking liberties, but this is my fairy tale) woman. This young woman was the sweetest... (Too much? I thought so.) This young woman was...rather (OK extremely) introverted. One day the young woman decided to venture into the online forest. She was warned not to stray from the path, not to stop on the way, and not to speak to strangers. But, no one warned her to be careful of...the cookie.

On her journey through the online forest the young woman met another young woman...we shall call her K. K was carrying a basket filled with cookies.
'Hello,' the young woman asked K. 'Where are you going on this lovely day?'
'I'm going to deliver these cookies to my online friends,' K replied. 'Would you like one?'
'Why, how big and moreish they look.'
'All the better to munch on,' K replied.
So the young woman very bravely decided to try a cookie. And it was moreish and the young woman was so glad she had listened to K' advice and was determined from then on to experience all the varieties and flavours of cookies available in the online forest. And she soon meet, through K, other knowledgeable young woman, who introduced her to many and varied cookies. And that is why the young woman soon reached the magical number of one hundred cookies!

The morals of the story are thus: 1) K is the most amazing cookie finder ever; and 2) cookies are moreish and completely addictive, but I have embraced this addiction with relish...and have now sampled 100 cookies!

So, what, boys and girls, do you think of cookies?


  1. Ok. I'm really intrigued... Who is 'K'??

  2. *snortlaugh* Like we don't all know who "K" is!

  3. heidenkind - exactly! *grin*

    Kris - umm....I could tel you, but then I'd have to kill you :)

    Chris - I thought I was being secretive! *sulks*