20 February 2011


Last night I watched American Idol. (I could explain my choice in TV programme, but...I'm sure you'd rather not know :) Currently, Hollywood week is screening in New Zealand - and last night was the solo performances. One contestant sang Fleetwood Mac's Landslide, a song I love.

Now, normally, I'm not a huge fan of remakes, particularly musical remakes...and that goes triple for a U2 song. (I've yet to hear a U2 remake I could tolerate.) However, I love the majority of Glee remakes (what can I say, I'm a Gleek!) and the Dixie Chicks' version of Landslide gives me goosebumps! So, here it is for your listening pleasure:

So, what song is in your head ATM?


  1. Eliza Gilkyson covering "Is It Like Today?" by World Party. LOVE.

    But I also love covers of songs, often more than the originals. :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele's Rolling in the Deep... Number 1 song in the brain.

    I love Landslide as well. I love Fleetwood Mac's version best... something about Stevie Nicks' voice does something to me.

  3. I really like the contestant that song that song. I'm not usually a watcher of AI but I'm tuning in this year. :P

  4. Chris - what an amazing voice!

    Mariana - I don't think I've heard that. Off to visit YouTube!

    heidenkind - I like that song. And his first release :)

    Ames - I can't remember who sung it now. Will Google :)

  5. Yeah, she transforms that song into something completely haunting, doesn't she?! :)

  6. I've never heard the song before *blushes* but...WOW!

  7. Well, Landslide actually. Because I just watched the vid. ;)

  8. Janna - LOL! It's great, isn't it?