15 February 2011

More Random Thoughts

Yes, more random thoughts. It's amazing what I think of when in the shower...or driving my car to work *grin*

Maybe this is me, but...what has happened to manners? And I'm not talking about the etiquette seen in high society but basic manners. For example, everywhere I look ATM people are yawning without covering their mouth. Honestly, if I wanted to see their tonsils I would have become a dentist!

Incredibly loud music in cars. And cars without mufflers. Why? Just....why?

Hawaii Five-O has just started screening here - is it meant to be as hilarious as I'm finding it? And...is it just me or has Grace Park (who IMHO is gorgeous) lost weight or is it just the camera angles?

I've been subverted. While driving to work I passed a cyclist. He wasn't dressed shoulder to knee in lycra (so I assume he was travelling from A to B rather than training) but in street clothes. However...he obviously hadn't thought about the how low his shorts might ride while...um...riding. So I caught a glimpse of his...can I say this...white boxer briefs. And the only thing that popped into my head was 'Perfect cookie for Kris' collection'!

So, what has popped into your mind this week?


  1. Know what annoyed me - a man jogging down the street, with no shoulder so he was in the driving lane AND he was talking on his cell phone so he was completely oblivious to the fact I was about to run him over.

    But I showed mercy and didn't. ;)

  2. People talking loudly on cell phones wherever they are, not paying attention to other people who really don't want to be listening to their calls...

  3. Just be glad you didn't see more than that!

  4. Mandi - you're kidding? Does he want to get hit? You showed great restraint IMHO! *grin* Here talking on cell phones while driving is now illegal, but it doesn't seem to stop people doing it. I even saw someone driving 100 km/h (~62 miles/h) while talking on their cell phone! If I see them at traffic lights I glare! I have no desire to be killed because someone is talking and not concentrating!

    Chris - yes! I used the cell phone talkers on the bus as I couldn't escape them!

    heidenkind - I am...and yet I'm not *grin*

  5. Folks, I hate to tell you, but the lack of manners is just going to get worse. I sometimes think I spend as much time teaching manners as I do teaching English. *shakes head*

  6. Manners? What are those 'manners' of which you speak, earthling?

    No, it's not just you, orannia--it's a sad epidemic. And as Eyre says, it's likely to get worse.

  7. Eyre - nooooo! *heads desk* Because it's not like teachers don't have enough to do!

    azteclady - *shakes head* Obviously they were thrown out with the bathwater! I think it's goes hand in hand with the 'I'm entitled' epidemic!

  8. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the disappearing manners. You know what is bothering me lately? When I'm walking from the parking lot into the gym at 5:50 am and I walk past someone coming out of the gym and I say "good morning" and they don't say a word back. I am telling you it has happened recently as often as 4 out of the last 5 people I greeted. I know it's early and dark and cold... but we are the only two people in sight, it would feel rude (and nearly ridiculous) to walk within a foot of each other and not say good morning! Why would someone not say it back? Why? :(